I’m afraid that all this is about to get much worse and any progress we’ve made, undone. Children will be in danger from ideological capture just when we’ve got new guidance for schools, Cass will be quietly ignored and our ability to speak against it all, curtailed by new hate speech laws. Conversion therapy will be banned and young gay adults will be pushed onto the path to permanent damage because clinicians will be afraid to speak out. Women will lose safe spaces and sports and the doors will be opened to any pervert who calls himself a woman. Starmer will cave in to the aggressive trans rights activists because he is a complete and utter coward with no more backbone than a jellyfish.


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Sorry JL, got carried away and forgot to thank you for your endless (sadly) hard work. 😄

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Jun 24Author

Thank you, TT! 😊

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Regrettably I have a dilemma as it is Labour or SNP where I live and neither will support women's rights!

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Omg, you poor thing. I’d write something on the ballot paper to express my disgust at both Parties.

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Spoil your ballot paper - they are counted.

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Yes spoilt ballots are totalled up- but nobody will see what you have written- maybe one or two tellers/ counters. Any reasonable remarks you make, will be lumped in with the cranks, or the people who think it's funny to be cynical. But ofc, it might make you feel a bit better, so that's good

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I’ll neither forgive nor forget mr sharpie behind that deplorable banner

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Same. So I will be voting for neither

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This is a very gloomy outlook. I hope you are wrong. So many more people are aware of the harms. I don't they will accept much more of this nonsense. Starmer is evasive as only lawyers know how, weak too, possibly, but I also think he is thick. He really doesn't understand the lies.

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I agree it is gloomy but the manifesto speaks for itself as do the many ideologues in the Party. We’ve had so many ‘this is it moments’, ‘this will peak everyone’ and then nothing happens. Too many people aren’t interested. I hope I’m wrong too 😁 but we need to be prepared for battles ahead.

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I will help however I can in the battles ahead.

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I gave a huge problem with trans being employed in the medical profession and I have a feeling no-one has carried out an assessment of the risks they pose to other staff and patients. The NHS needs to look into this urgently and stop putting female patients and staff into situations where they are forced to put the needs of a larping Male above their own need for privacy and safety.

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I think it's worse than that, that it's not the *needs* of larping males but their *desires* that have come to take precedence of over the rights and needs of female patients and staff.

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Thanks as ever for your hard work.

That Mayor of London sponsored ad is outrageous. This is why we have been celebrating Terf Month on my sit with great speeches and poems. Here is the latest speech from 1872!! https://dustymasterson.substack.com/p/an-oligarchy-of-sex

Awful that the great LGBA phone line is being targeted!!

Well done the brave nurses.

Shout out for the POW candidates in 16 constituencies bringing these issues to the forefront.


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“You don’t need a big list of reasons and past signs to be a valid trans person, just feeling better as a different gender than your birth one is enough”

Vacuous, incoherent drivel. “Past signs”? The fixation on the VALIDITY issue is a sure sign of anxiety at the unconscious awareness that it’s all bullshit. And “feeling better”? Meaning ....?

Also note the sinister cutesy underage moist eyed anime image. This “Sofie” Solberg knows exactly what he’s doing.

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I’d really feel better as bill gates 🙄

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You'd be richer. But you'd have to behave and talk like a total fruitloop. It's not something he has to work at!

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Sorry George , I meant no offence I was taking the piss out of myself , apologies

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We know you were Petal 😁

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I have a serious disability , gob before brain 🙄

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Have you not read some of my comments on here 🤣🤣

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We love your comments, Petal 😊

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I really should learn to shut my pus !

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No you shouldn't! I always look forward to hearing from you, Petal. You're feisty and funny and brave :)

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I think I am a girl.

My doctor told me so

I like the color pink

and dancing in a twirl

I think I am a girl

now shot up with estrogen

my little nipples growing

and wearing mother's pearls.

I think I am a girl.

surgery will make it right

I'll cut out all the male

to change what God had planned

I think I am a girl

But my life has turned to shit

I blame all you hetros

who don't care to understand

I think I am a girl

my mind is full with chaos

created by the drugs

and filled with hatred

for those who call me sir

I think I am a girl

Just murdered both my parents

they didn't respect my nouns

I'll come for you, you transphobes

some fateful day, I swear

because murder is so feminine

cause this is what girls do

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It occurs to me that the moment you tell children that they “may not be” the gender they’re born with, then every child will automatically suppose him/herself to be the opposite of their “birth gender”. And I’m taking the word “gender” in its original – and only sensible – meaning i.e. male or female. The severing of gender from sexuality is pure gaslighting.

So EVERY child will “reverse gender” in their minds. Cue the pathway to the hormone treatments and mutilations etc. It’s a sterilization programme.

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A Week in the War on Women: Thursday, 20th June

Lake Oswego track coach dismissed, citing Portland Schools complaint of his response to transgender athlete inclusion

Updated: Jun. 20, 2024, 1:23 p.m.|Published: Jun. 18, 2024, 7:59 p.m.

The Oregonian/OregonLive. Portland, Oregon.


A Lake Oswego High School coach says he has been fired from his position over allegations that he antagonized a transgender student-athlete who competed in Oregon’s track and field state championships and rallied coaches and families to protest her participation.

John Parks, who was cross country and track and field coach at Lake Oswego High, reached out to Oregon media outlets on Monday, stating that he had been dismissed after the school district conducted an investigation that was started by a formal complaint sent in by Portland Public Schools Athletic Director Marshall Haskins.

“The basic cause of my dismissal is fighting for females right to compete in sports fairly,” Parks wrote in an email. “I know you are fully aware of the debates on this issue and let me say I had 2 transgender athletes on my team this spring and I support them like all other athletes and only seek a solution that is a win for all as we don’t need any athletes subjected to what happened last month. Instead of a fair and measured investigation I was a victim of my passion for coaching, helping female athletes.”

The dismissal comes just weeks after a transgender girl athlete competed in the Oregon high school state track and field championships, finishing second in the 400-meter dash and winning the 200. Although the athlete was in compliance with OSAA rules, the results became a flashpoint in the debate over transgender athletes’ rights in Oregon and elsewhere.

According to Kristin Binkley, Parks’ attorney, the reason that Parks was given for his dismissal was a violation of school district policy when he sent a letter to the OSAA on May 15 (days before the state championship meet) asking that the state association change its rules, which allow transgender student-athletes to compete in the activity that aligns with their gender identity.

In his letter, Parks notes that the transgender student-athlete was favored to win the 200-meter dash in Class 6A (which she did) and would be strong competition for the 400-meter dash (which was being defended by a two-time state champion who currently holds the state record in the event and was coached by Parks).

Parks added that, based on her current trajectory, the transgender student-athlete would be on pace to break the state records in the 200 and 400 in the coming years since she was just a sophomore in the 2024 season.

“Allowing this travesty to be carried out is making a complete mockery of the meet this weekend and in the future until the rules are altered to protect natural born females,” he wrote in the letter to the OSAA.

The Oregonian/OregonLive is not naming the student-athlete to protect her privacy.

Parks’ letter to the OSAA asked that the OSAA create an “open” category that put transgender student athletes in a separate competition in the state meet, similar to the way the OSAA runs competitions for athletes with disabilities.

“The OSAA already has state meet events for para athletes in wheelchair and Unified competition. The solution to trans athletes is to have an open category like a gender neutral bathroom,” Parks wrote. “Allows competition opportunities but doesn’t make a mockery of the reason females compete in their own category.”

Parks also cited that USA Track & Field requires transgender athletes complete certain benchmarks before competing against opponents that match their gender identity. The World Athletics Council does not allow transgender women to compete in women’s events.

The OSAA’s policy is created through the guidelines that are set by the Oregon Department of Education and the federal government. The policies are made by the OSAA’s executive board, which includes representatives from Oregon schools around the state.

Parks and Binkley both claimed that Parks’ letter to the OSAA had the approval of Lake Oswego Athletic Director Chris Coleman even though it was cited among the reasons for his dismissal. Coleman did not respond to a request for inquiry from The Oregonian/OregonLive. A Lake Oswego School District representative stated that coaches are hired on one-year contracts and the district would not comment on a personnel matter.

Complaint from Portland Public Schools

Haskins sent a letter to the Lake Oswego School District and Salem-Keizer School District, where Parks said he last taught during the 2022-23 school year, on May 24 claiming that Parks made the Portland transgender student-athlete feel “unwelcome and discriminated against” throughout the spring.

“I was appalled, disappointed and embarrassed for Lake Oswego and Salem Keizer School districts because of the behavior of one of your employees,” Haskins’ email to the school districts reads.

The athlete attends McDaniel High School, which is part of Portland Public Schools. It is not clear how Haskins heard about the remarks or Parks’ advocacy.

Haskins claimed that Parks contacted other coaches and parents from around the state, asking them to reach out to the OSAA demanding they bar the transgender athlete from the female competition. He also asked coaches to boycott the medal presentations, Haskins said.

The letter from Haskins also claims that Parks was contacting families and student-athletes before the state meet “forcing them to participate in his personal agenda.” Haskins also claimed that Parks was “riling up” tournament spectators who booed and jeered at the state meet as the transgender athlete competed and received her medals. In a follow-up message sent to The Oregonian/OregonLive, Parks denied this claim.

Haskins alleged that Parks spoke negatively with the transgender student-athlete during her medal presentation.

A person with direct knowledge of the situation told The Oregonian/OregonLive that Parks’ remark to the student athlete was: “It will never be a fair race if you’re in it.”

The Oregonian/OregonLive was not able to verify with the athlete Tuesday about what was said during the presentation. Parks denied that this is what was said.

Parks said that the investigation from Lake Oswego School District found Haskins’ letter to the district to be “hearsay and erroneous.”

Parks has been the head track and field coach at Lake Oswego High School since the 2022-23 school year. The Lakers’ girls team has won the state championship (or tied for first) for three consecutive seasons.

Parks has been a sprints coach at the professional and Olympic level for 20 years even prior to working at Lake Oswego. He coached previously at Auburn, the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Oregon State (both in football and in track and field), Portland State and Willamette University.

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I’ve just had the twenty murders by drew Augustine popped through my door (recommended by WRN )

I trotted to Amazon to have a shifty and her bio alone was worth the cash

“Drew Augustine is a novelist and a realist who does not believe in auras , unicorns or celestial teapots circling planet earth

Drew identifies as non-lunatic “

She’s going to catch some shit for that !!

Mind I don’t think half ( and I’m being generous ) the tra Fannie’s can read

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Jun 24·edited Jun 24

The lack of anyone standing up to query the chancers in the state scholastic track and field championships trans invasion recalls the suspiciously long time it took for anyone to intervene in the Pennbrook Middle School incident. And bear that in mind when you watch this:


First note the deviousness of the question: “Is it transphobic to say only women have a cervix?” The priority given to the word “transphobic” hijacks all possibility of simply agreeing with the obviously true proposition that only women have a cervix. Instead of being a matter of discussing clear facts, we are directed right away to the utterly manufactured and nonsensical “trans” issue.

Second note how Reeves stutters and stammers and flounders because she clearly feels she has to answer the question within the ludicrous parameters given.

Third, note the ferociously sanctimonious hectoring of the presenter who knows he cannot be evaded when the ridiculous question is aggressively posed this way.

At the 49 second mark, Reeves sounds as if she’s gasping for air. What she should have said is, “Is it transphobic? That’s a meaningless question. There is no transphobia because there is no transgender.”

But no! Reeves grasps away in despair, knowing full well that the game has been rigged. And of course Sir Keir has already committed himself to the trans bullshit theology. Which goes a long way to explaining Reeve’s dismal performance here and the fact that she ends with total capitulation:

“If someone identifies as a woman or a man they should be able to do so whatever their body parts are.”

And we are back down the rabbit hole. (Though even rabbits have more sense!)

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There must be an e-mail to the shadow cabinet somewhere that says:


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Let’s face it – the Labour Party died a long time ago. Margaret Thatcher herself referred to New Labour as her “proudest achievement”. But even before Thatcher became PM, there were mutterings from Jim Callaghan that neoliberalism was waiting in the wings “The party’s over!” he told the TUC. And you can take “party” in two meanings!

And Rosie and that “twitter feud”?


This is from 2020 and I see the trans magical mystery tour was already in full swing. I confess to being mystified by Duffield’s reference to a "tedious communist pile-on" and can only put that down to the frightful political illiteracy of the current crop. If Rosie can point me to the passage in Das Kapital urging everyone to cross dress and have their genitalia carved up then I’ll stand corrected.

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Maybe she was referring to the authoritarian/totalitarian nature of the gender mob in Labour?

Why didn't she leave Labour though!!?? She should have joined POW


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I used to be at counts and spoiled ballots are counted but otherwise ignored and the comments are totally dismissed. I may have to vote tactically but still thinking and have no idea what to do for the best. Scotland is not embracing Cass report and even arguing against it plus the schools are full of gender ideology. We all need to pay attention and fight for our rights whatever the cost.

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Wow. So much confusion and evil in the world. Thanks GL for wading through the mire.

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I don't know, TT. And I am not in the UK (NZ). But my feeling is that the few concessions Starmer has made publicly since Blair gave him permission to, suggests he and Labour, not unlike the US Dems, are pandering to the Alphabet Army only for as long as it takes to get elected. The US Dems are also going HARD on demonising the Right for their anti-abortion stance, and making themselves out to be all about protecting the rights of women and girls. They know they have badly betrayed them on the trans issue, but again, it seems to me they are beholden to the serious money and electoral support of the trans lobby to keep Trump out. I predict post election both the US left and UK left, if victorious, will come out in defence of women's rights against trans activists, sports cheats, men in women's prisons, etc.

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I hope you’re right but I don’t trust them and the opposite could be true- that they’ll go full on gender after the election… it’s all there in the manifesto but in woolly terms so as to bamboozle people.

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Yeah. I think maybe I was being too optimistic. I have just read Joan Smith (@polblonde)'s X post on confronting Starmer last night and writing to him about his record on women's rights and being ignored by him. Our Labour party (under Jacinda Ardern) was totally sold on this rubbish too and I couldn't vote for them at our last election, having been an active campaigner for them for decades. But I'm still hoping that Rosie and JK and all the other brilliant UK Terfs might make the difference for you. We're all in some serious shit if not.

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Hi TV, yes she’s been trying to get Labour to see sense for years and has been treated badly, like Rosie Duffield.

I think there’s signs that people in NZ are waking up too, you’ve got some amazing women there. What a time we’re living through! Totally insane.

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Yes, the global Terven sisterhood is RISING, to be sure. It's the silver lining in all of this sick shit. I've lost a daughter to the cult, if only as a hardcore ally. I think I would literally (and I mean that) lose my mind if she 'transed' herself medically. Being in her 20s, she sure doesn't need my permission to destroy her body. :(

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One of my daughters too, although I think she’s wavering a bit now🤞I hope yours comes through it to see sense. Best wishes x

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Thanks, TT. Sisterly support helps, ay? xx

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Maya Forstater’s story makes my blood boil! As a midwife who works with a lot of students, I always ask the woman if she is happy to have a student participate in her care. Otherwise, if the student asks or just turns up, the women find it really hard to say no. That doctor should be struck off 😬

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