A Week in the War on Women: Monday 12th April - Sunday 18th April

Monday 12th April - These Are Not Women’s Crimes

OXYGEN TV: True crime channel, Snapped, featured a documentary about a trans-identified male murderer who killed two men in cold blood.

Steven Buchanan served in the US Navy and was discharged at the end of the Vietnam War. He then began ‘living as a woman’ and called himself Susan Monica.

In 1991 he bought a 20-acre farm in Oregon where, in 2012 and 2013, he murdered two men he employed as casual labourers. He dismembered their bodies, concealed some of their remains on his property and fed the rest to his pigs. Investigators believe that one of his victims was fed to the pigs while the man was still alive.

At his trial in April 2015 Monica was found guilty of murder and sentenced to a minimum of 50 years in prison. He is serving his sentence in the female estate.

This documentary about him uses female pronouns and describes him as a woman. Even the daughter of one of his victims seems forced to maintain this lie, referring to the man who killed and dismembered her father as ‘she’.

Also Today - The Literal Get Out Of Jail Free Card

Two trans-identified male paedophiles managed to escape a prison sentence this week.

THE COURIER: An 18 year old male who downloaded images of child abuse has walked free from court.

“Denan” Steven Anderson researched and downloaded images of child abuse, including a video depicting the rape of a toddler. His sentence on Monday saw him placed on the sex offenders register for two years, banned from having any contact with minors and prohibited from using social media networks. However, he escaped a custodial sanction.

Anderson is legally male. So why does The Courier refer to him with female pronouns and describe him as “A teenage girl”?

Elsewhere in the news this week…

WILTSHIRE 999: A child rapist who has breached his sexual harm prevention order has been spared a prison sentence due to his trans status.

Alex Smith is a trans identified male who changed his name from Matthew Burren. As a minor he served a custodial sentence for sexually assaulting a five-year-old child. In 2011 he was found in possession of sexualised images of children. Four years later he was again found with prohibited child images and had been contacting minors online.

He has just appeared in Swindon Magistrates’ Court after being caught with an internet enabled device, breaching his sexual harm prevention order for the second time. Astoundingly, he escaped a prison sentence.

District Judge Joanna Dickens told him:

“I’m not going to send you to prison today, and the reason for that is because you have very very complicated issues. You’re currently undergoing gender reassignment… I would be very concerned about your safety.”

Tuesday 13th April - Yet Another ‘Gender Neutral’ Space Crime

BBC NEWS: A police officer has gone on trial charged with voyeurism in ‘gender neutral’ facilities.

PC Jonathan Eaton of Gloucestershire Police is alleged to have filmed a female colleague in a mixed sex changing room.

The woman was drying herself after a shower at Gloucester police headquarters when she spotted a mobile phone being held underneath the partition from the adjoining cubicle.

Yet another example of why women need the privacy and safety of single-sex facilities. Because, men.

Wednesday 14th April - What Don’t They Want Us To Know?

THE POST MILLENNIAL: A freedom of information request regarding transgender prisoners resulted in a law suit from a so-called civil liberties organisation.

A woman in Washington, curious about the number of trans prisoners being held in state facilities, submitted a Freedom of Information Act request.

The information sought was straightforward; the number of inmates that have been transferred from the male to the female estate since 1st January 2021 and the number of males who identify as female, non-binary etc currently housed in a women's facility.

Despite exercising her legal right to request public records, the woman was served with an injunction. The ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) has filed a lawsuit naming her personally as well as certain press bodies. Along with its clients, current and former transgender inmates, The ACLU has filed for an emergency Temporary Restraining Order and a Motion for Preliminary Injunction to suppress the information requested.

Quite how the ACLU found out about the request for information from a private citizen isn’t clear . The Women's Liberation Front (WoLF) is now representing the woman involved to try and fight the ACLU’s injunction.

Why is the ACLU fighting so hard against one woman who wants to know the truth? What do the state, and the ACLU, have to hide? …Much of what is known about what is happening in women's prisons once the men move in is anecdotal, because powerful government agencies, and their apparent cohorts at the ACLU and other trans rights advocacy groups, simply don't want the information released.

Last month we reported
on the women’s facility in Washington’s Pierce County. According to one of its employees, male prisoners who ‘identify as female’ are being accommodated in the general prison population and one woman has already been assaulted. Among the inmates transferred are Douglas “Donna” Perry, convicted of murdering three young women, and Hobby Bingham, who now calls himself Princess Zoee Marie Andromeda Love, a sex offender convicted of raping a 12 year old girl.

Perhaps it’s information like this the ACLU is fighting so hard to keep hidden.

Thursday 15th April - Vive La (Lesbian) Résistance

MARIANNE: An open letter from a group of lesbians condemns the bullying and violence they face for trying to maintain their boundaries.

An open letter signed by a group of French lesbians and their supporters has hit out against the pressure on them to accept male partners. It also decries the hostility they face from so-called progressive and LGBTQ+ communities.

The letter describes how males try to force lesbians into accepting their ‘female penis’ and bully them into piv sex and fellatio. Furthermore, it details how lesbian organisations and spaces are being overtaken by trans-identified males.

We, the signers of this forum, testify to having experienced gender-based, punitive and sexual violence aimed at ‘correcting’ our sexual orientation within spaces presenting themselves as LGBTQIAP +... It is not an urban legend. These are not isolated cases.

Friday 16th April - Six Months For Canadian Dad

Last month we reported on Robert Hoogland, a Canadian father jailed for trying to save his child from the irreversible harm of medical transition.

At the age of thirteen Rob’s daughter began identifying as trans and, encouraged by her school and her psychologist, was put on a pathway to medical transition. When she was prescribed cross-sex hormones, Rob refused to sign the consent forms and there followed a lengthy legal battle with the Canadian authorities.

A court hearing ruled that the girl should be treated without her father’s consent and she began taking testosterone. A few weeks later Rob was convicted of ‘family violence’ because he refused to affirm his daughter’s ‘identity’.

Hoogland tried appealing but the court ruled that his daughter should continue to take testosterone. Furthermore, Hoogland was issued with a gagging order which prevented him from discussing his story in the media. He had a choice; keep silent and be complicit in turning his 14 year old daughter into a lifelong medical patient or continue speaking out against those pushing her into transition, thus risking jail. He chose the latter and in March was arrested for being in contempt of court.

He has just been sentenced to six months in prison.

Days before the trial, Hoogland’s lawyer agreed a plea bargain with the Attorney General. In court, however, Justice Michael Tammen rejected the plea bargain and sentenced Hoogland to six months in prison. Hoogland was also fined $30,000, the bulk of the crowdfunder set up to meet his legal costs.

Writing in The Post Millennial Erin Pearse asks:

One wonders who is enabling anarchy: parents standing up for their family members and child protection, or the court which places indefensible interpretations on child protection, at the behest of vested interests which have captured the legal system.

Should the court really be an arm of an uniformed child's wish-fulfilment, under the influence of a sinister lobby which pretends it is normal to brand a child transexual and perform medical experiments on them?

Saturday 17th April - Scottish Police Allow Rapists To Self-Identify As Female

THE TIMES: A freedom of information request has revealed that Scottish Police allow rape suspects to self-identify as female.

If a man commits or attempts to commit an offence of sexual violence, even rape, he could be recorded as female on the relevant police systems if that’s how he ‘identifies’.

Detective Superintendent Fil Capaldi said: “The sex/gender identification of individuals who come into contact with the police will be based on how they present or how they self- declare… Police Scotland requires no evidence or certification as proof of biological sex or gender identity other than a person’s self-declaration, unless it is pertinent to any investigation with which they are linked as a victim, witness or accused.

Scottish Justice Minister, Humza Yousaf, has not publicly commented on this policy but has stated previously that Police Scotland record a person’s gender identity rather than their sex, unless directly relevant to the crime.

Isn’t the sex of a rapist ‘pertinent to any investigation’ and ‘directly relevant to the crime’?

And don’t forget, police in England do exactly the same thing.

Sunday 18th April - Scottish Green Party Plans Will Erase Female Sex

HOLYROOD : Scottish Greens are planning to remove the recording of sex on birth certificates and other official documentation.

The Scottish Green Party manifesto, published on Wednesday, has pledged to enshrine the Yogyakarta principles into Scottish law. This includes Principle 31 which states, “Everyone has the right to obtain identity documents, including birth certificates, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression or sex characteristics… Everyone has the right to change gendered information in such documents while gendered information is included in them.”

To facilitate such legislation, a government would be required to “End the registration of the sex and gender of the person in identity documents such as birth certificates, identification cards, passports and driver licences”.

Robert Wintemute, a professor of human rights law at Kings College London, was one of the original drafters of the first set of principles back in 2006. He has since distanced himself from the document stating that women’s rights were not considered. He said ‘listening to women’ was one of the key factors in his change of heart. Professor Wintemute has expressed concern over the Scottish Green Party’s plan. He said, “Potentially, it means that women would cease to exist as a legal category.” 

See you next week.