A Week in the War on Women: GOOD NEWS SUPPLEMENT

Nein & No, Gracias To Self ID

Both Germany and Spain have voted against self-ID this week.

On 18th May, proposed legislation to allow for the self-determination of gender was rejected in Spain's Congress after the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE) abstained from the vote.

The proposed legislation would have dispensed with the need for psychological or medical evidence to alter legal sex and it would also have allowed for ‘non-binary’ and even blank gender markers on identity documents.

The PSOE, however, prevented this becoming law by abstaining, making the final vote 78 in favour, 143 against and 120 abstentions. 

On 19th May the German parliament rejected legislation which would have allowed for the self-determination of gender. Corresponding bills by the FDP and the Green Party were rejected overwhelmingly in two votes in the Bundestag. In each case only 118 of a potential 653 votes were cast in favour of self ID.

It remains possible to legally change one’s sex in Germany, but it still requires two different psychological evaluations before doing so.

Landmark Legal Case Launches New Crowdfunder

Katie Alcock, a mother of two small children and a lecturer and researcher in developmental psychology, had been a guide leader for 10 years before she was expelled for criticising the organisation's safeguarding policies.

Girlguiding now allows any male to be a member, or even an adult leader, if they identify as female. Katie objected to these guidelines, believing that they will impact girls' safety and, as a result, she was thrown out.

"You can’t say the Guides is a single-sex movement and yet take in boys and men as members.”

Katie is now bringing a landmark legal action against Girlguiding as she believes that she is being discriminated against on the grounds of her belief that humans cannot change sex.

To read more about the case and contribute to Katie’s legal fees, you can do so here.

Good luck, Katie!

Stonewall Gets An Arse-Kicking (Again)

Stonewall has been the subject of some highly critical press coverage this week.

In The Times, one of Stonewall’s original founders, Matthew Parris, explains why it needs to stay out of the ‘trans rights war’.

The organisation is tangled up in the trans issue, cornered into an extremist stance on a debate that a charity formed to help gay men, lesbian women and bisexual people should never have got itself into…

I know many gay men have become embarrassed by Stonewall and see (as I do) the paradox that some of its activities are actually damaging the standing of the gay community.

The Daily Mail ran a withering article about Stonewall, pointing out the glaring contradiction of an organisation that was set up to represent those same-sex attracted now demanding ‘acceptance without exception’ for gender identity over sex.

It also discusses the shortfalls of Stonewall’s lucrative diversity champions scheme and the legal action being taken against Stonewall by barrister, Allison Bailey.

When an organisation set up to end homophobia is using a corporate ‘diversity’ scheme to censor a black lesbian for defending same-sex attraction, something has gone seriously wrong.

Stonewall’s diversity champions scheme also came under fire in The Sunday Times. Organisations signed up to the scheme are being urged to reconsider how they implement Stonewall’s guidance as they may have been mis-advised and could be vulnerable to legal action.

Marion Calder, from the campaign group, For Women Scotland, accused Stonewall of “Flagrantly redefining protected characteristics” and said that, “By following this guidance, organisations are potentially unlawfully discriminating against staff, especially women.

And then there’s today’s omnishambles.

Best News Of The Week

The Equality and Human Rights Commission is not renewing its membership of Stonewall’s Diversity Champions Scheme.

This is such important news, even the BBC reported on it!