A day for us

Today's moving display by the police for people like me

Today, the police upheld their commitment to my rights with a moving display of flags. Of course, they’re not just my rights, they’re the rights of all men who claim a trans identity, and many of those trans-identified males (or ‘Tims’, as we like to be known) were movingly represented at the ceremony today.

To the accompaniment of ‘Born This Way’ by Lady Gaga, movingly performed by The Smiths (or, as he’s also known, Sam Smith) each flag was carried to the front of the display by a PR person representing Alok Vaid-Menon, and unfurled with the gravity only the United Kingdom’s proud bobbies could muster.

First up was a flag representing our first female Labour leader (we hope!!!), Eddie Izzard.

Then, a tribute to Miss Canada herself, Jessica Yaniv, which also featured a surprise appearance by everyone’s favourite inclusive police mascot, and symbol of Stonewall’s enduring hold over the organisation, PC McBumbletrust!

And who’s this? It’s me! In girl mode! Now I know how fellow TiM Aoife Martin felt on International Women’s Day! (Seriously, a real honour to be included).

Next up, the police stood united against kink-shaming. Much respect to Neville Southall for sticking to his guns and continuing to support these harmless perverts who enjoy harmlessly dressing like very young female children.

All in all, a wonderful day for the police, and a wonderful day for men who enjoy wearing make-up and ordering women about.

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(Thanks to the brilliant, tireless, and long-suffering Moley for his work on this)