20 questions for Robin Ince and his 'feminist friends'

  1. Can you define what you mean by ‘trans people’? Do you mean transsexuals? Or do you mean crossdressers like Eddie Izzard? Can you definetrans’ without resorting to sex stereotypes?

  2. Do you think adult human females should be able to have a word to define themselves, in the same way all other female mammals have? If so, what do you think that word should be?

  3. When you and your feminist friends say “transwomen are women” do you mean it literally? Many women are losing their livelihoods for stating that they are a different sex to Eddie Izzard. Are these women bigots, in your view?

  4. Can you understand why many women might find terms like ‘bleeders’, ‘mensturators’ and ‘cervix-havers’ offensive and dehumanising? Why do you think men are not subject to these same demeaning labels?

  5. On a similar note, if you believe lesbians can have penises, what word do you propose should be used to describe adult human females who are exclusively attracted to adult human females?

  6. Do you think anyone—male or female— has the right to give away all women’s sex-based rights because some men are asking for them?

  7. If you had a daughter who had transitioned medically, removing her breast tissue and given medication that rendered her infertile, how would you feel if she said— like Keira Bell and Sinead Watson, and many more—that she had made a mistake and wished to detransition?

  8. Do you think females deserve the chance to excel in sport on a level playing field? Did you know that Laurel Hubbard stole the woman’s New Zealand weightlifting record from an indigenous woman? Is that fair?

  9. Do you believe that male-born people should have the right to undress in a space where women and girls are undressing?

  10. When a woman is in an open plan female changing room, how can she tell the difference between a male who identifies as transgender and any other male?

  11. Do you accept a sufficient number of males pose a threat to females to justify single sex spaces? If not, could you explain your answer?

  12. If you replace biological sex with gender identity throughout society, as the basis of separation and categorisation, what safeguarding do you propose to put in place to ensure that it isn’t abused?

  13. Are you concerned that rapid onset gender dysphoria disproportionately affects autistic children? Do you think autistic children should be prescribed the same drug that was used to chemically castrate Alan Turing and is still used on sex offenders and prostate-cancer patients?

  14. Can you name any other oppressed group which would or should celebrate their oppressors identifying into it?

  15. If a female victim of rape does not want to be examined by a male, and she believes his gender identity is irrelevant in this situation, is she a bigot?

  16. If a man claims he is a woman some of the time, like Phillip/Pippa Bunce, does that mean he actually IS a woman during that time?

  17. You know Gia very well. Why do you not respect her enough to answer her question here?

    1. Should women in prison be forced to serve even a second of their time in captivity with criminals who are biologically male?

    2. Given the importance you place on gender identity and trans rights, why do you claim not to understand the issues surrounding it? Wouldn’t it have been prudent, given how important it seems to be to you, to have researched it?

    3. If little boys are taught that enjoying dolls and the colour pink means that their gender identity may not match their sex, what impact do you think this will have on children who would otherwise grow up to be healthy, happy gay adults?

These questions were suggested by Hannah, Claire, Liz, Helen, Bill, Parrot and Stu. My thanks to them and please do let me know if Ince ever responds.

He won’t, of course.