Yaniv and his local fire department, a love story

Trans-identified male ‘Jessica’ Yaniv, who made a name for himself in 2019 when he sued female beauticians who refused to wax his balls, is back in the news.

Jessica Simpson (known as Jessica Yaniv in 2019, and Jonathan Yaniv in 2018) has been told by his local fire department that he will be charged if he calls them again and it is not an emergency, after calling more than 30 times in two weeks.

When firefighters arrived, not only was it not an emergency each time, but the fire department has stated that he engaged in ‘inappropriate and lewd conduct’ while wanting ‘lift assistance’.

It seems he called them at least twice a day for two weeks - because he wanted help getting out the bath.

This also comes a few months after Jessica reportedly began legal proceedings against his local authority because the police had stopped responding to his frivolous emergency calls, and because they were ‘misgendering’ him.

We shouldn’t forget that this is also the person Pink News publicly backed and who got Canadian feminist Meghan Murphy—along with many other women- banned from Twitter.