Why isn't Maya Forstater verified on Twitter?

Twitter gives blue ticks to literal paedophiles but not to prominent feminists

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‘Worthy of Respect’. Maya using the power of understatement to suggest that the women fighting gender ideology are not just ‘worthy of respect’. They are all heroines. Real feminists who refuse to put males at the centre of their activism. I’m proud to count many as my friends, and Helen Staniland being among them is the cherry on the cake.

I was looking for a good link about Helen and discovered the very first chat we had on-camera.

Helen was banned from Twitter for asking the question “Do you believe that male-sexed people should have the right to undress and shower in a communal changing room with teenage girls?” Of course, trans activists and their ‘allies’ can’t answer this question without revealing themselves to be, at best, reckless lunatics and, at worst, actual predators.

Tech journalist Peter Bright Pizza was a case in point. I met him when I was just a baby in this fight, and still couldn’t believe men were saying this stuff out loud.

Like many trans activists, he was heavily invested in pretending to believe that men pose no danger to women in their private spaces, and soon we found out why.

Poor old Peter tried to buy a pair of children from an FBI agent so he could sexually abuse them, and is currently writing tech reviews of the new prison door system. As I said of him in a previous post, “he now looks like what he is: a fat pervert who, until the moment he was caught, was doing his best to discredit feminists or their allies, and paint their concerns around the safety of women and girls as silly, outdated and/or bigoted.”

And then there’s Eric Joyce, with whom Helen tangled.

As you can see, Eric also thought single-sex spaces were an outdated frippery.

You’ll never guess what happened next.

So to sum up.

Eric Joyce is still on Twitter.

So is Doctor Pizza.

I’m not, and neither is Helen Staniland.

And that’s why Maya Forstater isn’t verified.