The dawn of the anonymous open letter

You really know people mean it when they won’t put their name to it.

More on Mridal Wadhwa

Once again, this person should not be CEO of a rape crisis centre.

“The un-photoshopped reality of a male without a GRC who lied to gain access to a previous rape crisis centre. Why does this person who basically lied to work at one rape crisis centre keep trying to gain positions of power near the most vulnerable women?” @artofhunger75

This is grooming

“Please work on that”

Did you know that there are actually people who are actually doing what these kids tell them to?

This is big

Sweden is reversing course.

And guess who’s straight in there touting for business.

The Guardian cover a sports cheat in a very strange way

Is there anyone with any self-respect left at the Guardian? Or is their sports desk sending smoke signals with paragraphs like this? “… a number of scientific papers have recently shown people who have undergone male puberty retain significant advantages in power and strength even after taking medication to suppress their testosterone levels. Hubbard lived as a male for 35 years, and did not compete in international weightlifting. But since transitioning in 2012 she has won several elite titles.”

What could the truth of the matter be? It’s a mystery!

It’s as if the Guardian can only say 2+2, but are no longer allowed to say 4.

Here’s Zuby, a rapper and e-book author, casually breaking the women’s deadtlifting record.

It’s like one a day now

That Owen Jones biography you’ve been waiting for

True though, innit? Imagine Owen Jones telling anyone from outside whatever expensive part of London he circulates that women can be gay men. I’ve been left-wing all my life until this crop of loons turned up. At this point, I’d vote for a cat if it understood that there were two sexes.

Meanwhile, in Madrid, the wokest party just got pummelled, the Right-wing party won and the Fascists (LITERAL fascists) increased their representation. This is what happens when the Left desert their posts to take part in a huge gender circle jerk. I hope they’re all getting hell on the doorstep.

Roll on the court cases

Remember: it’s never enough

No matter how you debase yourself, it will never be enough for these entitled children.

They really haven’t mentioned it yet? Wow!

Do you know who has responded to this urgent matter? The LGB Alliance, that’s who.

Metro has gone fully insane

New hobby

Spotting Jesse Singal get angry at people for doing something to him which he did to me.

A perfect gift for your child: mental illness

And finally