What a day!

I very much enjoyed committing harakiri on twitter yesterday. I had a new sim card standing by and am back on the site under a new account. It’s worth noting as well that O’Gorman replied to that tweet about men, and not this one.

O’Gorman and Penis News have said I was ‘masquerading as a trans man’ on Twitter because I put ‘fun trans guy’ in my bio to put people off the scent. The usual disingenuous misdirection from them. If I was ‘masquerading' as a trans man I’d have been posting about constantly going to the hospital a la Noah Halpin.

Now, let’s see, did anything else happen yesterday?… Oh, yeah, Keira Bell and Mrs.A saved the future health and happiness of countless children!

The Guardian is doing its best to ignore the story while wetting itself over the news that Ellen Page imagines herself a man now. This means the Murdoch-owned Times is again claiming the moral high ground, and with justification. On this issue, at least, it seems it is better for a paper’s moral health if it is owned by Rupert Murdoch rather than a few thousand Americans with blue hair.

Susie Green was on Newsnight doing her evil thing. Glosswitch put it perfectly.

Mermaids has always been an organisation of homophobic/Munchausens parents justifying their terrible decisions by trying to make it seem normal to destroy kids’ health and future happiness. Thanks to Keira and Mrs.A, their influence is waning fast. The NHS amended their GIDS guidance before the ink on the judges’ summary was dry.

So well done again to Keira, Mrs.A, Stephanie Davies-Arai, Heather Brunskell-Evans, Susan Evans and everyone else who was involved in winning this one. Nothing will be the same after this.