Twitter hates women

A few days after taking out Azealia Banks, Twitter decided to turn its attention to the woman who was the main driving force behind getting the letter in solidarity with JK Rowling to over 20,000 signatures. Jane has been tirelessly promoting the petition on Twitter, and it seems the Silicon Valley incels at the controls were itching to find a reason to eject her, because they ejected her for this.

Jane says she thinks the attached link was to a gif of an eyeroll, which is pretty stunning. ‘Assigned at birth’ is one of the goofier tenets of the gender ideology cult (sex is not ‘assigned’ by anyone, it is observed and recorded during pregnancy) and it appears that questioning the concept, or expressing amusement about it, is now against Twitter’s terms and conditions.

The truth is, Twitter is full of trans-identified employees who are using any excuse they can find to get rid of feminists and feminist-allies. I think you’re going to see more of these over the next month, as Twitter uses the election as an excuse to clean house of anyone with the ‘wrong’ opinions.

Here is Twitter’s Katy Minshall lying to Joanna Cherry and Joan McAlpine about the abuse that women like her suffer on Twitter, and the targeting of feminists on that platform. I wish they would get her in again and ask her why it’s still going on.