The power and influence of the new priest caste

A few days ago, we pointed to some of the organisations that gave Aimee Challenor a level of power and influence that far outweighed his abilities. But we missed a few. Did you know, for example, that the reason announcements on the London Underground no longer say ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ is because Aimee clapped his hands and wished it so?

So Sadiq Khan, who gets annoyed when people ask questions like “what is a woman”, imposed a change on the city of London at the request of a trans-identified male whose father raped a young girl in the attic of their very small home, and who then married a paedophile. (Note Sian Berry backing him up, who we last saw deleting their history with Challenor).

Shortly before his dad was tried for child rape, Challenor used the influence he’d gained at Stonewall and the Green Party to attend a school to deliver a talk on young women and feminism.

And then there’s Gendered Intelligence. Here they are admitting Challenor participated in a ‘trans youth camping trip’. How youthful are ‘trans youth’? You’ll be sorry you asked.

There’s also the access to children that came as a result of Aimee and his dad, David / Baloo Challenor, openly working together.

The duo set up ‘Dog and Bear Medical’, which provided ‘medical and radio cover’ at running events in Coventry. This mostly appeared to be social media activity about fundraising for children’s causes, including Baloo running for children’s hospitals.

Around the same time, Aimee joined the Scouts (and possibly before that, the beavers). This enabled Baloo to volunteer with the Scouts (hence the name Baloo).

But perhaps the most disturbing revelation on this page is that ‘Baloo’ also volunteered with a children’s gymnastics group. After he was jailed it emerged that he had a YouTube account which remains up and includes a favourites playlist. Most of the videos on the list are of very young girls being seriously injured while performing gymnastics.

This was a man well known in the local area because all his children (and all his wife’s children from a previous relationship) had been taken into care. He was also not allowed to keep animals due to abuse. It’s chilling to see institution after institution giving him access to children because he had a child who was seen as belonging to the new sacred caste.

What is more, there is no indication that any of these organisations have learnt a single thing from the matter.