The NHS, the Labour MSP & The Gender Stasi


Ideological capture was starkly demonstrated by two NHS Scotland documents which came to light this week.

NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde has a 22 page “Gender Reassignment Policy”. It sets out the NHSGGC code with regard to patients “who have proposed, started or completed a process (or part of a process) for the purpose of reassigning their sex”. It was developed in consultation with “transgender service user groups”. (Which ones?) No input from any women’s groups, of course.

In the document, there is much discussion about the importance of adhering to the Equality Act 2010 and the protected characteristic of “Gender Reassignment”. But it doesn’t seem to mention the legislation which protects women’s rights as a separate sex class.

The policy talks about NHSGGC “Recognising a broad spectrum of gender diversity within society”. It also mentions babies being ‘ascribed’ a gender at birth and of non-binary individuals being “Androgyne, thirdgender and polygender people”.

Remember, this is the organisation responsible for the nation’s healthcare.

Where accommodation on hospital wards is concerned, “Patients with the protected characteristic of gender reassignment will be offered accommodation that matches the gender in which they are currently living” [their bold].

In this “Inpatient Scenario”, if a woman feels uncomfortable sharing a ward with a trans-identified male, the policy requires that the nurse, “Reiterate that the ward is indeed female only and that there are no men present”.

In other words, lie to the patient.

The policy also states that “The assumption that others in the ward will feel uncomfortable is unfounded”.

Unfounded. Here it may be necessary to remind the reader that only last month a ‘Julie Marshall’ was sentenced to nine months for accessing child abuse images from NHS wifi. Because he had a wig on, and called himself by a woman’s name, not only did this bloke probably achieve this feat in a women’s ward, he also manages to get a bizarrely compliant press to call him ‘she’ throughout the reporting,

It is, of course, perfectly reasonable to expect that some female patients will feel their safety, privacy and dignity are compromised by sharing the ward with a male, especially a male like Julie Marshall. Otherwise, why segregate wards by sex in the first place? Have wards been segregated over the last century for literally no reason and to no effect?

And the NHSGGC aren’t exactly encouraging women to speak up about their discomfort. Women who are having surgery or treatment requiring an overnight stay may already be feeling anxious and vulnerable. The last thing they need is to be forced into sharing their accommodation with a man and made to feel they have no right to object.

Ultimately it may be the complainant who is required to be removed.” So a female patient expressing concern over having to share accommodation with a male can be lied to, manipulated and if that doesn’t work, ejected.

NHS Lanarkshire has a “Supporting Trans Staff in the Workplace’ policy. It specifies that a person’s trans status is not dependent on surgery or medical diagnosis, but only requires they have been “living in their preferred gender” for them to be treated as a member of the opposite sex.

Will female NHS staff members be expected to share changing facilities, showers and toilets with intact males and have no say in the matter? It sounds like it.

And the policy indicates that female patients will not be told if their clinician is male. Whilst it does make a cursory mention of the Equality Act 2010 exemptions, it clearly does not encourage applying them. “These exemptions can only be applied in order to achieve a legitimate operational need. All efforts should be made to enable trans employees to work in positions… consistent with the gender with which they identify.”

Last year we talked to Clare Dimyon MBE, rape survivor and LGBT rights campaigner. Genuinely female-only medical staff and clinicians are vital to her and her treatment. And, of course, she’s not alone. There are many women whose experience, trauma, faith or culture rule out their being treated by a male. Not that they should ever have to justify such boundaries.

Labour Party MSP, Jenny Marra, questioned the wording of the NHS Lanarkshire policy with regard to its assertion that “Gender is assigned at birth”.

So the Labour Party’s thought police demanded her head.

Like Rosie Duffield last week, Marra was simply questioning the use of a phrase which does not reflect scientific reality. According to the witchfinders at LGBT+ Labour Scotland, that’s promoting discrimination and fear against trans people.

The organisation charged with protecting and maintaining the nation’s health is allowing a baseless and an unscientific ideology to affect patient care.

Why aren’t more MPs asking questions?