The Denton's Document: Part 1

Who's behind it?

One of the most shocking stories in this debate has been the advice given to activists in the notorious ‘Dentons Document’, first revealed by the excellent RollOnFriday blog and also covered by James Kirkup for The Spectator. I’m delighted that @STILLTish has allowed me to republish her deep dive into it.

I think the Dentons document is crucial to understanding what is happening to our society and why so many institutions across the West have been captured by gender identity ideology. I’m dividing it into three parts so as not to overload the reader. Hopefully, by the end of part 3, you’ll understand why I think this is a scandal happening in plain sight.

Over to you, Tish.

Primary Sources.

The Denton’s document sets out the strategy for advancing Transgender Rights across Europe, with a specific focus on young people. The link to the full document has now been removed from the Dentons website

You can find the 65-page document on-line here Link

I attach a version which I downloaded in December 2019. IGLYO_v3-1.  I notice there is another version. I attach both, in case of any changes, IGLYO_v3-1 2


The introduction to the document reveals the corporate backing for an allegedly ‘marginalised minority’. The world’s largest law firm and a global foundation are writing strategy documents to embed Gender Identity Ideology in law. This has all the hallmarks of a practice called ‘astroturfing’, the term for top-down social-engineering projects masquerading as organic, grassroots campaigns. In reality, Transgender Ideology is backed by individual billionaires and has significant corporate funding and endorsement. (You can read more on this phenomenon, by Jennifer Bilek, here.) 

Even Google are interfering. See Jo Bartosch who writes on this here 

Thompson Reuters Foundation and Dentons provided pro-bono support to produce this document. The foundation is a charitable arm of Reuter’s, a huge media conglomerate that claims to “advance media freedom”.  They also foster more “inclusive” economies and “drive systemic change”.  Dentons claims the rank of the “world’s largest law firm”. They also pride themselves on fostering “diversity and inclusiveness”.

The document is intended as a resource for activists to better lobby for “gender recognition” laws, otherwise known as ‘Self ID’. It outlines the most successful campaign tactics used across Europe. 

Organisations supporting this document. 

A list of contributing organisations, across Europe, is provided. Here is one list which includes organisations in the U.K. and Ireland. Note that one organisation in the U.K.  opted to remain anonymous

Mosaic has an online presence and, as a charity, they are obliged to submit accounts. These confirm the organisation was involved in a project to combat homophobia, biophobia and transphobia in schools. This project was funded by the Government Equality Office.

Their Twitter account is @TheMosaicTrust and has been an enthusiastic supporter of Mermaids, Stonewall, and the Pravda of gender identity ideology, Pink News. They also promote early medicalisation for ‘trans children’. 

The Irish organisation Belong To is funded by the Irish government,  via the Department of Children and Youth Affairs. Other supporters, mentioned on their website, include Dublin City Council and a host of corporate sponsors including HSBC, Microsoft, Paypal and Marks & Spencers.

A search on (An Irish version of Hansard), retrieves pages of references. Here is ex-Fine Gael member, Pat Breen, in 2018,  confirming they have been allowed to develop resources for schools. 

International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer & Intersex youth organisation. (IGLYLO

IGLYO, for whom the report is written, is the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex youth organisation. They claim to represent a network of LGBTQ+ organisations across the Council of Europe region. 

Those labelled as “intersex” tend to dislike the term and point out they have disorders of sexual development (DSDs). These are medical conditions, not ‘gender identities’.  One of the most egregious aspects of this movement is how people with DSDs are being placed in the same category as crossdressers, transexuals and gay people, with whom they may have nothing in common. Many DSD sufferers do not agree their interests are best served by their inclusion under the ever-widening Transgender Umbrella. 

Heritage, corporate gay rights organisations now reject the notion of biological sex and sexual dimorphism. To counter this tendency, organisations are emerging across the world under the LGB umbrella because they recognise it becomes impossible to defend same-sex / Bisexual orientation if you deny sex exists or prioritise ‘Gender Identity’ as a meaningful category over biological sex. Stonewall U.K, for example, haveas an ambassador, a bearded male named Alex Drummond who claims to be a lesbian.

Alex likes to talk about his Gender Studies degree and how he “brings out the inner lesbian in women”. The late Magdalen Berns famously covered his antics in this classic video.

However, Alex is not the most egregious example from the Stonewall stable. Morgan Page ran a male-only (MAAB = Male assigned at birth) course on overcoming the “cotton ceiling”.  The term is a play on “glass ceiling” and the cotton refers to the underwear of women. This tends to focus particularly on lesbians who have the temerity to reject males who claim a female identity as sexual partners.

Notice how exclusions are allowed in Trans workshops but not in Lesbian dating pools! 

Detransitioner GNCCentric was a member of one of Page’s ‘trans groups’ while in Canada and her explosive interview with Benjamin Boyce on the matter is essential viewing.

The Foreword

The document is introduced by a well known Trans Activist based in the U.K. They identify as non-binary and are in a relationship which we would normally describe as heterosexual but which now meets the criteria for inclusion as “queer” as both parties claim a trans-identity. Here is a sample of their contribution to the debate about Sex versus Gender. Simple facts may be “transphobic dogwhistles”  👇