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Ted had a fair few flaws, but misogyny wasn’t one of them. It’s why his creators, Arthur Mathews and I, signed this letter in support of JK Rowling and the women whose voices she raises up. Amnesty International, on the other hand…

…are literally arguing for women to have no political representation.

By ‘women’ I’m using the dictionary definition of the word. I don’t mean ‘women and a few men’.

Nice ratio, you misogynist, fascist arsehole

This is who O’Gorman is trying to silence

The Jerry Stiller gag is beyond great

I have not seen a bad Jiminy Glick interview yet.


‘Trans ally’ John Nicholson seems disappointed that no trans people have been murdered in Scotland.

Never a truer thread

Please read the whole thing.

And finally

Let’s not think about how Amnesty no longer recognises or represents women. Let’s think about this bird.