Silence, woman!

How Twitter makes it impossible for women to discuss their rights

For a number of years, Twitter’s terms and conditions have made it impossible for women to speak truthfully about their sex-based rights. This is portrayed by the company as a battle against what they call ‘dehumanising language’, but in reality is effectively a ban on feminists discussing the harms caused by gender identity ideology.

Part of the nasty trick Twitter has pulled is contained here.

What ‘reducing groups to their genitalia’ means in practice is that they will ban any woman who refuses to believe in the religion of gender identity. Here is a by-no-means complete list of women who have received a temporary or permanent ban for discussing their sex-based rights. (Thanks to Selene and Sam Barber for collecting them and to Mole for the illustration)

Permament suspensions

@radfemfatale - Late 2018. Banned for: 

I tweeted at Anthon Watson and Stonewall pointing to the case of Dana Rivers, a trans-identified male who murdered a lesbian couple and their son in cold blood. I’ve yet to see prominent gay men condemn the T’s violence and threats against lesbians.

Meghan Murphy - 16th November 2018.  Banned for:

This is fucking bullshit @twitter. I'm not allowed to say that men aren't women or ask questions about the notion of transgenderism at all anymore? That a multi billion dollar company is censoring BASIC FACTS and silencing people who ask questions about this dogma is INSANE

Maria MacLachlan @skepticat_UK - December 2018. Banned for:

Blimey. In spite of the twitter name, you’d almost take ‘gamer girl’ for a bloke.

Note: This is ‘Secret Gamer Girl’.

I see the monstrous Jack Alley aka @secretgamergrrl is triggered enough to start doubling down on his targeted harassment of me after I’d paid tribute to him in my latest blog. Check this out: https://[...] Here’s my blog again https://[...]

Nobody has told me not to use a pronoun and, so far as I know, Jake Alley has no other name. This bully has been libelling me from behind the block for over a year. Why are you defending “her”?

In that case I look forward to an apology from Tara Wolf, his accomplices, his mates who lied in court, Ada Cable, and all the fuckers who came to support him as well as Joss Prior, Roz Kaveney, Zinnia Jones, Zack Ford, Jake Alley & everyone else trying to get feminists to STFU! https://[...]

Note: “Tara Wolf” is the trans identified male that physically assaulted Maria at Speaker’s Corner

@mynameisnotcis – December 2018. Banned for:

Still calls HIMself JONATHAN. It’s not his deadname. It’s his fucking BIRTHNAME. Which existed and nobody is under any obligation to deny that reality. Then we’d be denying his birth, and his existence, then he was have ZERO HUMAN RIGHTS, let alone ‘trans’ rights. #MeghanMurphy https://[...]

Note this concerns Jonathan/Jessica Yaniv, perhaps responsible for more bans than any other individual on here. Here is Yaniv with Twitter co-founder Biz Stone.

@cyberfrontier - February 2019. Banned for:

Mermaids have affirmed children as young as 3 being trans. Like wtf? What does a 3yr old know? I’ll tell you-parents who see their little girl play with trucks etc /boys who like pink/dolls. Nothing wrong with those kind right? Gender stereotypes should be smashed.

Claire Graham @MRKHvoice – April 2019 . Banned for:

If it’s not a mental health condition, explain to me the self-harm and suicide stats you peddle. Tell me why we’re medicalising children, if they are not unwell. Explain to me, because I do not understand.

Pilgrim Tucker @PilgrimTucker – May 2019. Banned for:

I’m sorry you aren’t Male, and transwomen aren’t female. I genuinely have no wish to hurt your feelings. But you are trans, not Male – and that should be ok, something you should be able to feel proud of.

@bettytastic – January 2019. Banned for:

No, absolutely no woman has a penis and testicles, you’re thinking of a transwoman. The word woman is taken and it only ever means, adult human Female.

@CecilySister – April 2019. Banned for:

If they could stop assaulting, raping and murdering us that would be a great start. If I had a second request it would be that no man ever uttered the words ‘not all men’ again. It seems a small thing but it is such a miserable reflection of the worst aspects of men

@imamette – June 2019. Banned for:

 I’m a woman. You are a transwoman and therefore a male. You’re trying to strip me of my legal rights and my identity and endangering my life.

@ElCoso8 – August 2019. Banned for:

 “Jonathan (Jessica) Yaniv”? Is this another one of those part-time women?

@FemenistRoar – September 2019. Banned for: 

Angry person who identifies as a transwoman and spends all their time attacking women.

@RadFemRebeccaE – October 2019. Banned for:

Except for the small fact that trans identified people commit far more violent and sexual crime towards women than women commit towards trans identified people of course…

Note: This is true. Trans identified males retain a male pattern of criminality

@Schrodingersge1 – November 2019. Banned for: 

It was gradual. Some good chats with a family member who had already hit the tipping point. A lot of research into what was actually happening. J Y

(JY stands for ‘Jessica Yaniv’. Yaniv obviously found this tweet by running a search on his initials)

@Piano_Teeth – November 2019. Banned for:

Yes I said all along you need to get your own safe spaces. Stop thinking you get to trample on women’s rights. I know this is what men do but you don’t have to follow the herd.

@NoToMisogyny – March 2020. Banned for:

Ok groomer

@MeghanFlight – March 2020. Banned for:

But i was specific: if a trans woman (male) and myself had unprotected sex with an man (male) who is likely to get pregnant? The answer is me, because a trans woman produces small gametes and cannot get pregnant. There is *nothing* wrong with being trans; but you can’t change sex

Graham Linehan @glinner – June 2020. Banned for:

Men aren’t women tho

Note: Graham was quote tweeting the WI. Their tweet: “The WI is place which welcomes and celebrates all women. As we near toward the end of #PrideMonth, we would like to wish a Happy Pride to all our transgender members. This brilliant trans pride flag was made by @SocialLitesWI”

@underhandrea – June 2020. Banned for:

Such a feminist, calling herself a ‘cunt’. The most feminist of femenists.

@Hammer_Of_Glass – July 2020. Banned for:

Only females get cervical cancer.

@lblwcri – September 2020. Banned for:

Oooohhh the lying male reposting the same laughable claims is BACK!

@barbwire_ca – October 2020. Banned for:

Right. The men will rape you regardless defence. 😏 Just throw the doors open wide so that assaults and voyeurs have an easier time of it. Naw mate, we’re good.

@Intersexfacts – December 2020. Banned for:

Yeah, it did, dude.

@RosieKerrS - December 2020. Banned for:

ok Another Man

Tiffany @Woman4W – December 2020. Banned for:

If your son enters a bathroom my daughter is in, he’s going to get some fucking awareness.

Temporary suspensions

@FemenistRoar – March 2017. Temporary ban for:

Another misogynist prick, Shon Faye, who has zero self awareness posted these tweets a few hours apart.

@hogotheforsaken bea jaspert – March 2018. Temporary ban for:

We need to start talking about male violence. Males kill children. Most killers are male – vastly, hugely, disproportionately. Very, very few killers are female. Let’s take action together to #StopMaleViolence

Note: less than 5% of all prison inmates in the UK are women

@ulibarbara –August 2018. Temporary ban for:

Penis present? Not a woman!

@_NotTheFunKind – October 2018. Temporary ban for:

Over 80% of violent crime and 99% of sexual assaults are committed by males. You won’t find many women being “kind” when men try to take away what few safeguards they have. Sorry Philip, but we’ll be kind when men stop raping and killing us.

Note: 69% of all women in prison (that 5%) are there for non violent offences, so much more than 80% of violent crimes are committed by males

@RestlessEllie - November 2018. Temporary ban for:

You are one very unpleasant bloke

@Webhaxen – November 2018. Temporary ban for:

Åh! Det här är MINA fötter. Ganska fräscha och rena faktiskt 😚 👣

Translation: Ah! It has my feet. Quite fresh and clean in fact

@helensaxby11 Helen Saxby - Late 2018. Temporary ban for:

In the last decade in the UK a male transgender person was more likely to murder someone than to be murdered.

@Angles_Ackiz – November 2018. Temporary ban for:

All rapists are men. In UK law, rape is a crime only committed by a person with a penis. Twitter ban.

@BDimyon –November 2018. Temporary ban for:

biological/natal #males who cant take “NO” for an answer and don’t understand #Consent wrt #their definitively #male genitalia.

@RegularGrrrl –November 2018. Temporary ban for:

Evidence of corporate & state collusion with male supremacy. After the “Can’t Take No For An Answer: Jonathan Yaniv files 16 Human Rights complaints against women who don’t want to wax his balls” reporting, GenderTrender has been taken offline (1/2)

Note: here is an archived copy of the article.

@4estcityradfems Forest City Rad Fems – November 2018. Temporary ban for:

Can’t Take No For An Answer: Jonathan Yaniv files 16 Human Rights complaints against women who don’t want to wax his balls

@ystriya–November 2018. Temporary ban for:

Anyone doubting whether “TERF” is a slur, check out this male @CofC philosopher claiming to be a woman, who rebrands actual women as “FARTs” are assholes, says he. So. It’s not about respect, but control.

@APatchOnCinamon–November 2018. Temporary ban for:

He has several but his main one seems to be @trustednerd (most of the followers appear to be fake)

Note: talking about J Yaniv

@APatchOnCinamon - November 2018. Temporary ban for:

Twitter banned feminist Meghan Murphy for stating that Jonathan Yaniv (who refers to himself as male, sues women who won’t wax his balls & wants to talk to children about tampons: is a man. Here she compares trans ideology with extreme religious movements

@notmynigel – Late 2018. Temporary ban for:

My words have an impact on trans people’s health? Really? And yet you likely believe trans isn’t a mental health issue. It is not new for men to claim that women are hurting their feelings or to threaten suicide when women don’t submit to their demands. We’re not buying it.

@PocketHanky – December 2018. Temporary ban for:

More trans women commit murder than are murdered each year. There are very few transwomen killed in the UK, thank goodness. Please don’t exaggerate the figures, nor blame women for male violence. Meanwhile 2-3 women are killed every week by their male partners. 

Note: The facts - Refuge Charity - Domestic Violence Help

@renee_jg Renee Gerlich – December 2018. Temporary ban for:

Believe what you want dude

@bleedinheartMD –Dember 2018. Temporary ban for:

It isn’t my job to hear about how their wives won’t fuck them. No. But anyway, I realize that you are now in a spiral of psycho stalker, so I’m blocking you before you explode.

@ReclaimTheBody –December 2018. Temporary ban for:

 I think the hostility is coming from the men in dresses who are telling lesbians to suck their lady cocks or they’re bigots and deserve to be raped and killed. Here are hundreds of examples:

@XshudderX – December 2018. Temporary ban for:

Anyone understand this bio? Does he go by different names and pronouns change according to which name he chooses at any given moment?

@MMMMMMeow – December 2018. Temporary ban for:

With so many talented women in this country, why do you choose to put males on your show instead of females? A male who grows his hair long, wears “women’s” clothes & makeup “maybe even takes hormones or has surgery) – is still a male. You are betraying your audience & all women

@BabyLawyerAus – December 2018. Temporary ban for:

Funny how when it comes to money they still wanna be male, kinda like Jonathan Yaniv referring to himself as “he” throughout a recent profile he wrote for himself on Linkedin.

@Seema40014054 - December 2018. Temporary ban for:

My feminism will center female humans or it will be bullshit/ #sexmatters #cuntist 

@hear_woman – January 2019. Temporary ban for:

Cool story bro

@Seema40014054 – January 2019. Temporary ban for:

I’m worried about the women’s bathroom, not the men’s. Transwomen commit violent crime at the same rate as men who aren’t trans. Tell me why they should be on out bathrooms, changing rooms, DV centres, prisons, and sporting competitions. I’m interested now.

@JoolzDenby – January 2019. Temporary ban for:

For those aware, the ‘cotton ceiling’ is a coarse & objectionable term derived from cotton underwear, & means men with penises who say they’re women, who feel entitled to have sex with Lesbians & abusing – sometimes physically – Lesbians who refuse. #rape

@anyabike - January 2019. Temporary ban for:

Today in Twitter cersorship, @boodleoops, @jsoosty @marstrina and @deepspaceklein have all been suspended for saying Jonathan Yaniv, a vexatious litigant, is a man.

@On_This_Hill – January 2019. Temporary ban for:

No. You are trans.

@APatchOnCinamon - January 2019. Temporary ban for:

Jonathan Yaniv is still trawling through Twitter and reporting anyone who mentions JY. However, Twitter now just asked me to remove the 6-week-old tweet – it can’t even be bothered to ban me for 12 hours for this anymore

@drawnoutofshape Nella Dower – January 2019. Temporary ban for:

It isn’t transphobic. It’s just facts of life. Sex is immutable in spite of the fact many sex characteristics are mutable and we do change them. It doesn’t erase our difference or make us actually female.

@helenstaniland Helen Staniland - Early 2019. Temporary ban for:

Men are more violent.

@XXmnkpaws – February 2019. Temporary ban for:

Males don’t get to tell females what feminism is, especially when your goal is to centre males in it.

@with_rhymes - Early 2019. Temporary ban for:

Any trans identifying male who thinks they are having a period needs to either get screened for colo-rectal cancer or buy a dictionary.

@jowendes - April 2019. Temporary ban for:

And young girls aren’t safe sharing toilets with men taking selfies.

@ProfKRichardson Kathleen Richardson - Spring 2019. Temporary ban for:

this man took photographs of himself while in the ladies restroom with teenage girls. what kind of man does this.

@Jsoosty - April 2019. Temporary ban for:

You’re not a lesbian.

Note: she was talking to this person

@aytchellesse Dr Holly Lawford-Smith - April 2019. Temporary ban for:

when you say “transgender female” do you mean that you’re a trans man? if so, you’re very welcome in female-only spaces, there’s no issue. if you mean trans woman, then you’re not female, and the reasoning applies to you. it doesn’t matter that *you* appreciate the spacess.

@NoName07134066 - Early 2019. Temporary ban for:

(Note: @TrustedNerd is Yaniv, and is still on Twitter.

@trustednerd Women do not have a penis.

@trustednerd If you have a penis, you cannot be female […]

@BDimyon - May 2019. Temporary ban for:

because women (female for disambiguation) are supposed to suck up all detriment, including lesbians (female and homosexual for disambiguation).

@LasleySemmens - Summer 2019. Temporary ban for:

And under self-id if they find male DNA at a crime scene how will they know whether to look for a man or a self-identified “woman”

@EvaPoen Eva Poen - August 2019. Temporary ban for:

It’s different definitions of ‘woman’. Mine is sex based, yours is GI based. According to mine, I’m a woman and you are not (simple biology, says nothing about personality, gender expression or feelings). According to yours, you are a woman, but I’m not a woman.

@taudte - October 2019. Temporary ban for:

Still waiting for an answer: What do the T and the LGB even have in common? LGB are sexual orientations. T is a mental thing (classified as a mental disorder in most countries). What is the common ground? And don’t say oppression, because then you have to include all POCs.

@WyeWorry7 - October 2019. Temporary ban for:

You clearly exist & you know full well no one is trying to erase you. You know full well you are trying to gaslight women into pretending you are female & surrendering our SEX based rights. Unfortunately, we’ve noticed & we are going to fight your misogyny.

@DebbieHayton Debbie Hayton – October 2019. Temporary ban for:

I have lots of female friends. None has ever posted a video of themselves in the toilets. I have fewer trans friends but you are not the first to do so (though I concede you are the first dancer). I wonder if it’s male pattern behaviour: marking out and claiming territory?

@ThatFemale66 - October 2019. Temporary ban for:

It is not about the individual, it is about the class of people. My male partner is no risk to women, yet he understands and accepts the right of women to exclude him from their spaces because of those members of his sex class who DO pose a risk

@JuliaHB1 Julia Hartley-Brewer – November 2019. Temporary ban for:

A 6ft man called [redacted] who “self identifies” as a woman, despite having no surgery or medical treatment, has won Kent’s Woman Cricketer of the Year award. This is just plain wrong. There will be no women’s sports left soon.

Note: speaking about Maxine Blythin 

@NorthviewN7 Christy Lawrance– November 2019. Temporary ban for:

Maxine Blythin is a biological male. Why are you harming women’s sports?

@riotingxx – Late 2019. Temporary ban for:

Maxine blythin is not only male, but also competed on the men’s team *as well as* the women’s team. @KentCricket are misogynists, plain and simple. https://[...]

@FishpawLu – Late 2019. Temporary ban for:

 “Or get the fucking curb”. Submit or I’ll curb stomp you women https://[...]

@4th_WaveNow – December 2019. Temporary ban for:

le the founder’s daughter speak for herself, shall we? She belongs to a population of young lesbians who once believed she was trans – a population Katy neither advocates for (yes, we do) nor understands from personal experience, being a natal male.

@Belstaffie – Late 2019. Temporary ban for:

Women cannot rape. Men rape. You need a penis to penetrate an orifice, without consent to rape under UK law.

@hatpinwoman – February 2020. Temporary ban for:

Yeah, those bigot rape victims wanting their own space after being brutalised by Male violence and a lifetime of being female in a world that devalues and denigrates girls and women. What utter bitches to have the audacity to want to heal in peace amiright

@Ladyboi_Ace – March 2020. Temporary ban for:

male women maybe. But male UwU


Yep we are real, Its not news, and we are real males. EVERY one of us. Its part of being transwomen. ☺ sorry (truly) if that hurts, but its reality.

Note: tweeter is a trans-identified male

@Bleedinheart2MD – March 2020. Temporary ban for:

You’re just hurting your own cause by saying this nonsense. Every cell in the male body is male, regardless of what that male wishes.

@AbsMcFabs – June 2020. Temporary ban for:

Just a heads up to all *male-sexed* people in JK’s mentions who are now calling women cunt/terf/bitch etc, issuing threats of violence and demanding we shut up. You are really proving our point that this whole agenda is rooted in misogyny (with some homophobia thrown in).

@CardiffFemenist – September 2020. Temporary ban for:

Our locations are in our names you womble. 

@babybeginner – July 2020.Temporary ban for:

Instead of something that could have been an opportunity to spread a positive message, now this project is viewed with disdain for this insanity. They lost Halle, a big box office draw, plus they look like bullies. Way to shoot yourself in the foot.

@DrBrooski – October 2020. Temporary ban for:

It’s not inclusive for women when natal males to take positions meant for women. Women have many issues from loss of pension and earnings owing to unpaid care burden, maternity care/cover/leave. Domestic violence etc Women are needed to represent WOMEN.

@Franz_M_W_Marc  – October 2020. Temporary ban for:

Trans Identified Men are men. Mammals have been sexually dimorphic for 200 million years. TIMs will die with XY chromosomes they were born with. Men cannot be or become women. Prostitution is paid rape. Human sexual autonomy is not a commodity.

@TheCurran73 Clare Curran – November 2020. Temporary ban for:

TERF is a misogynistic slur often directed at lesbians for refusing to consider TW (males) as sexual partners. We’re told “Dirty dyke TERF go choke on a dick” & worse. When you use the slur TERF you’re aligning yourself with THIS ⬇. Take the L out of your name. You’re no ally!

I suggest you delete this. TERF is a misogynistic slur often directed at lesbians for refusing to consider trans“lesians” (males) as sexual partners. We’re told “Dirty dyke TERF go choke on a dick” & worse. When you use the slur TERF you’re aligning yourself with THIS ⬇.

@MingeTMerciless – December 2020. Temporary ban for:

You’re less of a lesbian of you are a man.

@helenstaniland Helen Staniland – Late 2020. Temporary ban for:

So you believe that male born people with a penis should have the right to undress in a communal changing room where teenage girls are undressing?

@tweeders55 – November 2020. Temporary ban for:

No such thing as cis and lesbians don’t like or want any pansies. If the thems do then the thems are straight heterosexual females. Appropriation all the way around. Disgusting.

@Iris_Schult – December 2020. Temporary ban for:

‘go play in traffic’ ‘adult discussion’ ‘no abuse…’ [clown face emoji]

@dinahbrand2 – December 2020. Temporary ban for:

A high percentage of men who identify as women in prison are sexual offenders, against women and/or children. So that’s not true.

@unwitod – Late 2020. Temporary ban for:

You are delusional then. Your biological sex hasn’t changed, because that’s impossible. You can, in some jurisdictions, take advantage of laws which allow you to legally change your sex. Socially, you may appear to have changed sex (I’m doubtful though). Thanks for playing

@Margueritestern Marguerite Stern – January 2021. Temporary ban for:

‘genital preference = transphobia’ This kind of message is more popular on Instagram and it’s dangerous. When will u make conversion therapy for gays and lesbians who don’t want to have sex with the other sex?