Scotland's Religious Police

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(The following is adapted from this thread by ForWomenScotland.)

Back in the mists of time, we suggested that the proposed Scottish Hate Crime bill might be used as a stick to beat women who wanted to discuss the GRA, sex based rights, and welfare of gender-confused children.

We were told we were being silly: no one would do that.

Today, we saw two proposed amendments to the hate crime bill with regard to #FreeSpeech in relation to transgender Identity

A general one from Humza Yousaf & one from Liam Kerr which covers many of the topics women feared might result in prosecution – thank you!

If anyone had doubts that the extremists of gender ideology did not intend to use this legislation as a means to silence and intimidate, the frothing indignation of anti woman activists who might be prevented from filing hourly hate crime reports, surely laid this to rest.

Naturally, Scottish Green Party were quick to charge into the fray. Emz Cuthbertson, co convener of SGP women & Rainbow Greens, was in no way hyperbolic in referring to it as a “transphobes charter”, with Dr Kevin finding the idea of not being able to shut women up “terrifying”.

Also up were activist James (who once promoted a lurid fantasy about lesbians beating up a NB child at Edinburgh Pride) & serial party hopper, Tristan who was horrified that “misgendering” was not about to be a crime & thinks advocating child counselling is “conversion therapy”.

Here is a Labour activist who is “floored” by the amendments, calling them “active bigotry”.

She’s also furious that a Labour MSP has the temerity to suggest that advocating women’s rights should not carry penal sanctions.

Thank you @RhodaGrant for this amendment

Lib Dem, Layla Moran supporter, and evolutionary biologist (really), James is not a fan of free speech.

…and Tristran is really hitting his stride now.

And he’s still going...

No one suggested removing transphobia from hate crime, they are merely saying that it is not covered by women arguing that sex exists and we have rights, and that we shouldn't be punished for belief in science. Tristan clearly wanted to use this to persecute women.

Juan, who likes to write abusive articles about female MSPs is under the impression that the SNP swept to victory on a promise to create a third sex class. He also thinks the amendments now legalise hate crime. Not sure reading and comprehension are a strong suit!

Harry Giles is having a totally proportionate reaction. Hate crime "doesn't protect" them. Well, it really doesn't protect women, but Engender's guest "feminist" thinker isn't really stopping to think about us...

Iona Paton, who has a dubious track record of smearing Joanna Cherry, is still saying that talking about women's rights is "intolerance and bigotry" She was also hoping to use the stirring-up offence to prosecute Joanna.

This is Gregor. Gregor was suspended from the SNP for abusing women online. Gregor thinks protecting rape victims is wrong. Gregor thinks transphobia is now exempt from hate crime because Gregor can't use it to attack women. Don't be like Gregor.

Jordon, the former partner of Alyn Smith MP, who shared confidential messages on Twitter and who was prevented from standing after the Sun exposed his abusive behaviour, is also cross. Saying women might be able to talk about rights = "bowing to terfs" and "Horrifying"

An actor writes that Scotland is about to allow "conversion therapy" (allowing discussion of watchful waiting rather than affirmation and drugs, the devastating results of which were exposed in Bell case). Apparently this means "transphobia is permitted".

(Note: Graham here. I should point out that watchful waiting is the only proven cure for gender dysphoria. And Doctor David Bell of the Tavistock on Channel 4 news called affirmation “a form of conversion therapy for young people who are gay or lesbian.”. So it is actually Paisley who is in favour of the practice.)

I realise the tone of this thread is flippant, but this is deadly serious. These individuals are furious that there might be any check on the legitimisation of their woman-hatred. This is the monster this bill has fed, and all MSPs should be very wary.

For more evidence, read the replies. People up in arms because Humza Yousaf is not proposing to rip up the human rights act and lock women up for misgendering or denying the reality of 100 genders.

They want a new blasphemy law.