Saying the quiet part loud

Gender ideologues and mainstream LGBT organisations are now being openly homophobic

The great, fearless, lesbian hero Magdalen Berns was born today. We should be demanding blue plaques outside her childhood home or at least asking Edinburgh University to apologise for her expuslion from their LGBT clubs. Out of the hundreds of quotable moments from her videos, which you can watch here, one that always stuck with me was “When are people going to realise that these pricks are homophobic?”.

From the racist abuse endured by the LGB Alliance Ireland (in which Amnesty Ireland CEO and gay man Colm O’Gorman participated and for which he has yet to apologise) to the endless coercion of lesbians by trans-identified males (something Magdalen covered better than anyone), the gender movement is now becoming explicitly homophobic, especially towards lesbians.

Here’s Noah ‘Hospital’ Halpin’s new group, removing lesbians entirely from the equation.

‘GBT men and trans women’. It’s clear they’ve put considerable thought into that decision. After all, it’s baked in along with their cute animated logo. When you consider that the T in GBT could only stand for transmen, it’s clear that Halpin, perhaps in some childish dig at the lesbians who run LGB Alliance in Ireland and the UK, is really saying “everyone is welcome, except lesbians”.

Unlike the LGB Alliance, which welcomes everyone, trans or otherwise, as long as they are same-sex attracted, Noah seems to want to pretend lesbians don’t exist. Why ? Because lesbians are living proof that same-sex attraction is real. And gender ideologues are doing everything in their power to pretend it’s not.

Here’s actor David Paisley coming out as bisexual by saying he is attracted to both men and women, as long as they look like men.

‘Sexuality is a choice’ is an angle previously attempted by the American Christian Right, but Paisley has made such a fool of himself in this debate that he would rather join their number than admit that lesbians should not be coerced to have sex with crossdressing men.

Another example: lesbians should ‘broaden their horizons’ by allowing heterosexual crossdressers in their dating pool.

In fact, when the LGB Alliance took out an ad in a Scottish newspaper pointing out that lesbians are actually a real demographic and shouldn’t be expected to validate heterosexual crossdressers, David Paisley reported them for being ‘demeaning and denigrating’.

“Actor David Paisley responded on Twitter: "Hey @ChtyCommission we have an election tomorrow in Scotland and LGB Alliance has published a political advert in the Scottish press. From your own guidance 'a charity cannot exist for a political purpose'. In addition, this advert 'demeans and denigrates' the rights of others."

Attitude magazine reports all this approgingly, because it’s all right to demean and denigrate lesbians by trying to normalise corrective rape. All you lesbians have to do is “expand your horizons” or, as transwoman Rachel McKinnon/Veronica Ivy famously put it, learn to get over your ‘genital hangups’ and ‘cope’.

This is the language of conversion therapy.

In one of my few but precious DM conversations with Magdalen Berns before she died (which of course disappeared along with my Twitter account), she said simply “No-one cares about lesbians.” It broke my heart at the time because I knew it was true. Most people do not care about lesbians, and ideologues like Paisley and Halpin actively despise them. Even so, I never thought their contempt would reach such a pitch that they would slip up and actually start saying it out loud. But here we are.