Psycho in a kimono

Maugham insults women, calls them bigots and blocks them when they attempt to defend themselves. Never one to show any class at the best of times, this is extraordinarily reckless even for him.

Maugham is pretending he doesn’t know that the murder rates/violence he mentions is based on data extrapolated from Brazil, where a high percentage of trans-identified males are in sex work (work I’m sure Maugham believes is terribly empowering). Language like this is going to get a woman hurt one day, and Maugham won’t just have the blood of a fox on his hands.

Again, WTF is going on with male barristers?

Imagine if you had this guy on your side in a case!

Colm O’Gorman still hasn’t resigned

Action by ObjectUK

He’s still pretending the letter didn’t say what it said, still pretending a human rights organisation calling for women to be silenced is a perfectly normal state of affairs, still desperately gaslighting the grandaughter of Amnesty cofounder Sean MacBride.

The spell starts to lift?

But certain mysteries remain

The spiteful young woman behind the Joanna Cherry letter can be forgiven—she’s only 16, and will look back at her behaviour with shame—but the journalist egging her on is the real mystery here. Conor Matchett, what is wrong with you?

(Sidenote: love the way ‘transgender’ now means ‘has short hair’).

Oh, very good

It’s everyone’s favourite part of the site!

LeLeche League turning off the comments so people won't discuss their pandering to fetishists at the expense of women and children.

Big day today.

Judgement on Keira’s case coming in at 10.30 this morning.

Good luck, Keira. If the world hasn’t gone completely mad, you’ll win, and you’ll save so many lives from this awful cult.

And finally…

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