One of the worst paragraphs ever written, (annotated)

How do I gaslight thee? Let us count the ways

  1. Easy. Adult human female.

  2. “I look like a woman.”

  3. Reader, did you know you can change the details on your own birth certificate? I didn’t.

  4. Reader, did you know you can put your sex as female, even when you’re male, on your driver’s license? I didn’t.

  5. How you are treated in society is because you look like a woman, and men treat women disgracefully, even up to the point of impersonating them.

  6. Women can't afford to "engage with nuance" when their safety and their children's safety is at stake. Case in point, Aimee Challenor. Aimee Challenor, who lived in the same house as a man who tortured and raped a young girl and who hired that man as an election agent after he had been charged. Aimee Challenor, who is in a relationship with two older men who have kown him since his early teens. Aimee Challenor, who posted this gloating photo of himself after Girlguiding weakened their safeguarding roles to appease Stonewall, and then expelled Helen Watts for blowing the whistle about it. Aimee Challenor, who was at the heart of Stonewall at the time.

    How is any woman to know the difference between a Rachel Mann and an Aimee Challenor, if Rachel Mann continues to pretend that Aimee Challenor, and men like him, don't exist? Why does Rachel's validation require the sacrifice of the children in this photo? How about you think about nuance for a change, Rachel?

  1. “Himself.”

  2. Men can't be feminists. Only women can be feminists, because when men can be feminists, they tend to say things that benefit men.

  3. “Older feminists”. How dare you. They fought hard for the rights you're trying to gaslight away.

  4. This is a Church of England vicar comparing effeminate men to working class women.

  5. This is a Church of England vicar comparing effeminate men to women of colour.

  6. Not telling your story, huh? I’m afraid you’ll find that happens a lot. Feminism is indeed not telling the story of straight white men who feel they have to dress up as women. That’s because feminism is about women, and women are adult human females, and you are an adult human male.

Anyway, that’s enough for tonight. Tomorrow I might take a crack at another paragraph.