One last insult from Irish men

Dehumanised by priests and nuns throughout their lives and now, in death, dehumanised by the Church of gender identity. Commentators refer to the women of the Mother and Baby Homes as ‘people with a vagina’ and Colm O’Gorman calls anyone who objects ‘anti-trans’.

Can you not take one day off insulting women, Colm?

We touched on this erasure of women in our latest ‘Mess We’re In’ with Laoise from The Countess Didn’t Fight For This.

And remember that this erasing language is born of privilege.

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Happy New Year

The Countess Didn’t fight for this

This is why the LGB Alliance exists

They literally never will

Great idea!

Great new resource from MK Fain and Sasha White. This is a (deliberately) intimidating debate and young feminists who need help finding their voice might start here.

Sasha and MK, will you come on ‘The Mess We’re In’ sometime?

“If you were raped by a transwoman you were not raped by a man”


The original said ‘sex-based rights’, which was first used by the UN in 1979.

Do all women wear lipstick while running marathons? I guess they have to, because otherwise how would you know they’re women?

This is grooming

This, too, is grooming

This is…well, you get the idea

You can object to them promoting the use of dangerous drugs here.

Natwest joins the corporate attack on women and girls

Sarah has written them a fine letter here. “…it is difficult to see how ‘all’ protected characteristics can be ‘equally protected’ if you have already instituted ‘self ID’ in the workplace, or among your customers. Quite apart from any issues of increasing exposure to fraud and ID theft, this permits any man to claim he is a woman on his assertion alone. I can see no reference in this response to the nature or degree of consultation, if any, that was carried out with your female employees or your female customers about the impact of this policy on their ability to ‘bring their whole selves to work’ or be confident that their ‘physical, mental and emotional wellbeing’ is protected whilst on your premises.”

Una Mullally, another intellectual fraud

I got this from a subscriber.

“TENI (trans activist group in Ireland) held a zoom meeting, mainly for journalists, last Thurs. I joined out of curiosity. It went as follows: 'Here are the words you should avoid'. 'No debate'. 'Nothing about us without us'. The message in short was for journalists to suppress any good instinct they may have. Una Mullally, Irish Times, the headline act, trying to find a way to rationalize out of all problem areas. Men invading women's spaces = real issue is male violence. Men competing in women's sports = bigger issues with doping in sports etc. Detransitioners = some women regret abortion. LGB Alliance are not to be platformed or debated against.

Here’s a video and a reminder that these are the women Una Mullally finds so hateful that journalists must not speak to them. What kind of journalist does this? I suggest she is another one whose sunk costs are too high to ever back down from a dishonest position. Una Mullally, you are a fraud, and you and TENI owe these women an apology.

Danial still doing great work on the Webberleys

They keep giving themselves away

Amazing to see this actually written down

Rachel McKinnon’s employers have him sussed. ‘Complete lack of engagement, not even to justify lack of engagement’.

In other words “No debate? Why not?”

And finally…

How to eat ice cream properly.