Nine years

The Tavistock tried to sneak this out by releasing it late Friday. Don't let them away with it

Turns out the ‘terfs’ were right. Again.

Andy Lewis: “The implications of this eventually published study are shocking. Puberty blockers are not given as a ‘pause button’ to ensure children make the right choice for them. They are given to “trans” kids’’ to cement in dysphoria.

Can anyone else think of any other treatment given to anyone where it is known that the treatment almost guarantees that symptoms do not reduce? That is the reason puberty blockers are given: to lock in the state of psychological distress children (often gay) have over their sex & sexuality.

Gender dysphoria is nothing more than a label we give to children as they find discomfort with their emerging sex & sexuality. It is no wonder it is strongest in gay kids, especially lesbians & maybe enhanced if you have autism. These feelings are then weaponised by activists.

A narrative is spun for children that these feelings are to do with their ‘gender’. Children are lied to about being ‘in the wrong body’. They are told that they will kill themselves unless they embrace their ‘gender’. Their sex and sexuality are denied to them.

These ideological doctors then ‘treat’ them to lock in these feelings so that they go onto radically change their bodies, put their fertility and health at risk, stunt their growth, increase risk of suidicdal thoughts. This is an appalling scandal. Yet everyone cheers it along.”

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