Marion Millar: the process is the punishment

More psychological torture for Marion Miller as her court date has been moved from next Tuesday to August 17th.

I suspect this was because the Scottish police know very well that the sight of dozens of women wearing suffragette colours, waving ribbons and cheering on a woman who has been arrested for defending her sex-based rights, will not provide the best publicity for their new hate crime laws… laws which protect men like Eddie Izzard, but not women like Marion, her mum, or her four daughters.

I’m going up anyway. I’ve been fighting this shite for years now and I can’t think of a better way of relaxing than tea in the park with several Scottish witches. Everyone who was coming should still come. They can keep her dangling, but let’s show them we’ll always be there to catch her.

Oh, and…

UPDATE: Well, now. Isn’t this interesting? And by interesting, I mean, cynical. From one of my subscribers: August 17th. That's the week the Scottish schools go back. Perfect for hindering the mummies from lending their moral support.