Keep Kids Away From The UN's 'Sexuality & Gender Expert'

The UN ‘sexual orientation and gender expert’ has endorsed gender affirming treatment in extremely young children and made claims that puberty blockers are reversible.

Victor Madrigal-Borloz is a Costa Rican-born human rights lawyer who now lives in Boston. Much of his career has focused on LGBT issues. He is a signatory of the Yogyakarta Principles plus 10.

He is currently a Senior Visiting Researcher with the Human Rights Programme at Harvard Law School. In 2017 he was appointed the United Nations Independent Expert on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.

He recently conducted research into “The incorporation of and backlash against gender and gender identity in international human rights law”. The subsequent report, for which Harvard Law hosted a launch event, was presented to the United Nations General Assembly and the Human Rights Council.

One might question the quality and impartiality of Madrigal-Borloz’s research in light of a video he posted on his Twitter account in anticipation of the report’s launch.

His wholly unfounded assertions are so jaw-dropping that I have transcribed the bulk of his video:

There is no reason not to acknowledge a child’s agency in relation to its gender identity. To proceed otherwise would be discriminatory. The evidence suggests that most typically develop the ability to recognise and label stereotypical gender groups such as girl, woman, feminine and boy, man, masculine around age two. Most of them will also start to categorize their own gender by age three and will have a stable sense of gender identity before age six.

Studies show that receiving gender affirming treatment at an early age increases a person’s lifelong well-being and mental health. Those who had access to pubertal suppression had lower odds of lifetime suicidal ideation when compared to those who wanted treatment but did not receive it. Pubertal suppression therapy is also a reversible process…

Denying a child the agency to consent to gender recognition procedures will likely include the risk of persecution, abuse, violence, discrimination, not only during her youth, but afterwards. It can initiate a cycle of marginalisation that will affect him for the rest of his life.

What are these vague ‘studies’ and ‘evidence’ to which he loosely refers? How can he corroborate these outrageous claims when everything we know contradicts them?

When The British Medical Journal reported on the Tavistock & Portman clinic’s own puberty blockers trial, it found that the drugs did not alleviate the negative thoughts of children with dysphoria and issued warnings over their potential side effects:

Puberty blockers used to treat children aged 12 to 15 who have severe and persistent gender dysphoria had no significant effect on their psychological function, thoughts of self-harm, or body image... However, as expected, the children experienced reduced growth in height and bone strength by the time they finished their treatment at age 16.

According to the NHS, “Little is known about the long-term side effects of hormone or puberty blockers in children.” A number of psychiatry papers have been published recently which discredit affirmation treatments for gender dysphoric children (for example, Griffin et al, published in the BJPsych Bulletin).

NICE, The National Institute of Health and Care Excellence, carried out an independent assessment into the use of puberty blockers and concluded that the standard of evidence to support prescribing them to children is ‘very low’.

Earlier this year Sweden’s Karolinska Hospital stopped prescribing puberty blockers to children under sixteen because “These treatments are potentially fraught with extensive and irreversible adverse consequences such as cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, infertility, increased cancer risk, and thrombosis”.

The dangers and side effects, many of which are only now just coming to light, have been expertly and meticulously documented by Professor Michael Biggs.

Either Victor Madrigal-Borloz, the UN’s sexuality and gender expert and a Harvard senior researcher, is completely unaware of the ever-burgeoning evidence that demonstrates puberty blockers are hazardous and experimental, or he is well aware of the dangers and the warnings, yet still chooses to peddle them to vulnerable kids.

Either way, he’s a danger to children.