Index steps up

(One-page dungeons are a great way of introducing your kids to Dungeons and Dragons, btw)

A little tardy but still nice to see

It’s good to see that Index on Censorship, unlike Liberty, Amnesty and PEN, haven’t been captured by misogynists. A touch of ‘both-sides-ism’ though. No-one is abusing bloggers writing about their gender identity—the death and rape threats are all coming from one side and you know it.

You gotta love Stonewall

They literally just had a ‘misogyny workshop’ with Stella “No questions, please! This is a workshop!” Creasy and now they are calling for a change in the rules that will lead to a 30% increase in the chance of women being seriously injured by men on a rugby field.

By the way, God bless you @Emmafondofbeetles for helping to hold the line against these psychotic misogynists.

Er, just a couple of things…

  • How are male people female?

  • How are female people male?

  • Everyone is non-binary.

  • Knock yourself out with the pronouns, we’ll just roll our eyes and carry on.

Instead of signing a letter that subscribes to a set of meaningless and contradictory beliefs, how about signing one that defends a woman still receiving rape and death threats? Or you can sign both!

Stephen King, it’s not too late to grow a spine

And as for Margaret Atwood…

Why, this is a delight!

Siri, show me the pettiest man in the world.


Shame. That would definitely be worth a punt

Happy Birthday, LGB Alliance!

Not yet one year old and there is now an LGB Alliance in USA, Canada, Mexico, Spain, Brazil, Norway, Serbia and Australia.

Ireland is holding its first meeting this weekend and will launch very soon.

Iceland too.

Follow the link for details of their birthday celebrations and Vive la révolution!

Vulvamort is a must-follow, by the way

Gender ideology gives young men a license to be misogynistic psychopaths

Do this thing!

Received this email today.

Dear Graham,

Please encourage everyone to complete the consultation on hate crimes by the Law Society.
They are conflating gender and sex when looking at a definition of hate crimes for misogyny. They are also lumping intersex people in with transgender. 

The consultation is open until 24/12. Please encourage everyone to complete it. I don't have a platform on social media (not well enough to take the offence and worried about my job).

Thanks for all you do.



And finally…