If you say so

Paedophilia and the Scottish LGBTQ+ movement, from a thread by Malcolm Clark of The LGB Alliance

Is it any surprise that Stonewall and other groups are members of ILGA, an international LGBTQ+ lobby group that's alleged to be campaigning against an age of consent? Here's why it's no surprise at all.

ILGA began in Edinburgh in 1974 when two guys brought together gay organisations from across Europe to form the International Gay Congress. One of them, Ian Dunn, was an unrepentant paedophile and founder member of PIE. Here's his obituary. (Ed’s note: by none other than Peter Tatchell).

IGC would become ILGA, the pre-eminent international gay rights organisation; despite its status as a UN NGO being interrupted in 1994 when its links to pro-paedophile organisations were revealed. ILGA says it was all a big mistake. If you say so.

When ILGA finally managed to put that row behind it, in 2006, it returned to its efforts to argue the UN should embrace gay rights properly. It couldn't overcome the opposition of many nations. So ILGA had a bright idea. Fancy a trip to Indonesia?

In 2007 ILGA invited human rights lawyers on an expen$e$ paid trip to Yogyakarta in Indone$ia where they drew up a charter of human right$ they hoped would become the definitive statement on gay rights. Here'$ a guide to Yogyakarta. Look$ lovely.

The resulting Yogyakarta Principles enshrined the unscientific notion of "gender identity". They'd no legal force but were presented as an international model not least by the Scottish government. They've been used to justify the medicalising of kids.

The theory runs that under 16s who believe they're the "wrong" sex must have total autonomy and need to be protected from going through puberty. They should be given blockers to keep them pre-pubescent for as long as possible. It's all about the kids? If you say so.

In the UK this became a key demand of Stonewall in 2015. This was the recommendation of its Trans Advisory Panel that included everyone's favourite trans activist, the bearded "lesbian", Alex Drummond. "She" said that their beard "deconstructs gender". If you say so.

On the same panel was Aimee Challoner, champion of Self-ID, who failed to tell the Greens her dad, an important ‘trans ally’, was up for child rape charges for which he was eventually jailed. Aimee's the one with glasses, standing to the left of Baroness Ruth Hunt.

Aimee left the Greens accusing them of transphobia after they came over all miffed, and joined the Lib Dems who threw her out when it was alleged her fiancee was a paedophile fantasist. (Ed’s note: not alleged, confirmed by the man himself) Aimee claimed his Twitter account had been hacked. If you say so.

Aimee went into schools as a mentor. But in Scotland, our carelessness went further. The leading gay organisation of the 2000s, Lesbian and Gay Youth Scotland, was led for years by a disgusting paedophile, James Rennie.

It's not often I'd use the term "sex beast" but the raping of babies you might think could justify it. At his trial in 2009 it was revealed he'd made contacts using the computers at the offices of LGBTY Scotland where he stayed a full 8 years.

He rose through Stonewall Scotland to be a key liaison with the Scottish Exec and chairman of a group representing 50 voluntary organisations with a youth remit where he argued: "sexuality barriers must fall".

That doesn't sound worrying at all.

So what does all this mean? It doesn't mean gay groups are any more likely to harbour paedophiles than anywhere else. But it is consistently shocking how carelessly LGBTQ+ activists treat child safeguarding concerns. As if even raising them is homophobic. It's not.

Remember when Mhairi Black (now loudly protesting that referring to paedophilia and ILGA is homophobic) wandered into school with a drag queen who promptly broke all child safeguarding rules by putting pics of schoolkids on his Instagram? An Instagram full of highly sexualised imagery. All we're asking of Scotland's LGBTQ+ groups is they put child safeguarding at the centre of their work. They SHOULD obsess about it. We'd say that even if they didn't have an inglorious track record.

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Twitter user @hightreebud points out that this is one of Scottish Greens’ co-conveners.