"Go on, ask me my pronouns"

America sneezed and the world caught Munchausens

I just got banned from TikTok for sharing this video. I don’t blame them. It’s horrific.

Did you know this?

This is a stunning report by Stephanie Davies Arai (UPDATE: the report is actually by Shelley Charlesworth. Apologies, Shelley!) Did you know that the head psychologist of the Tavistock is a trans-identified male? I didn’t.

Leaving aside for the moment Meg-John Barker, and what ‘polyamorous identities, kink and BDSM’ have to do with treating young people experiencing dysphoria, ‘Christina’ is a natal male currently telling young women that the road to happiness depends on a lifetime of surgery and drug dependency.

This person, who seems to have a million professional roles and has written a million things on their particular, very niche, area of specialism, is practising that whilst being their very own full-time case study? In what other specific area of science, or counselling/psychology would you get someone living through a condition and also working in academia as a 'world leading expert' in that very field?

It's a staggering conflict of interest. How can they possibly be an objective voice or advisor?

Why don’t YouTube want kids to know about the reality of surgically transitioning?

How long are women going to stand for this insult?

A key move in grooming...

Separate child from parents.

This just in from the generation that discovered hair colouring.

No music, no movies, no art, just meaningless shite like this day after day from the most insufferable youth movement ever.

Another great review for Abigail Shrier’s book

This time in the Independent, which to its credit has been examining this issue properly since they published the Countess letter. But check out this lunatic response (thread).

Best bit, anything other than a negative review breaches best practice. You couldn't make this shit up.

And then there’s this guy offering to give out the literary editor’s email. When are people going to stand up against these fucking lunatics?

More passionate Guardian activism on behalf of straight crossdressers

Vox explained in one tweet

And finally…

Embarrassed at how long it took to get around to Bill Callahan. What a songwriter, what a voice.

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