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Nancy Kelly compared lesbians to racists

Bombshell story from Jo Bartosch. How can Kelly continue in her job as head of the biggest LGBT charity in the UK when she participated in the cover-up of the sexual coercion of lesbians, and compared women who do not wish to sleep with men to racists?

According to this story, Nancy Kelly, the head of the largest LGBT charity in the UK, is a homophobe. That’s the word we use for people who equate same-sex attraction with racism.

Now, many will dismiss it because it is published in the Daily Mail. But surely a serious charge like this should also be investigated by the Guardian, if only to disprove it? But the Guardian won’t investigate it. Because it’s true, and the Guardian is in the grip of a tyrannical white, male boss every bit as terrifying and ideologically driven as Paul Dacre, which is why they tried to cover up the Wi Spa scandal not once, but three times. Currently, the Guardian has as its unofficial editor The Woke Stasi, or whatever you like to call them. Gender Hippies. Pronoun Wankers. Theythemmers. Privileged middle class people.

It’s wonderful to see middle England waking up to the concept—normalised on Twitter, but nowhere else— of the ‘lesbian penis’ and to the fact that most self-identified ‘transwomen’ have no surgery and no intention of getting surgery. I have a feeling Nancy Kelly won’t be the only one forced to row back certain

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