GenderGP, the Irish Connection

by a woman who needs to remain anonymous in case trans rights activists try to destroy her life

When Taryn De Vere’s youngest child asked her mum if he could be a girl, the five-year-old was almost incandescent with happiness when De Vere agreed. De Vere had already been involved in Trans issues and is now the Irish hub and social media manager for GenderGP, Gender GP is an organisation run by Helen Webberly, a doctor who was suspended from practicing in the UK and now runs a very lucrative online business selling hormones to vulnerable kids all over the world. 

Taryn is very proud of her connection to Gender GP as she believes that it is right and appropriate that young, vulnerable children can access not only puberty blockers but cross-sex hormones through their online service. There is no way of knowing what age these children are and they access Gender GP’s online services often without the permission or knowledge of their parents, their therapist and/or their GP. Often these vulnerable kids are struggling with mental health issues, many of them are autistic and the majority are same-sex attracted. Sadly, if you take hormone blocking drugs your developing sexuality is blocked and, as a result, few trans kids ever come to terms with their sexuality. Perhaps worse than that, Webberly’s clinic has been linked to the death of an 18-year-old who took their own life after taking drugs prescribed online by the same company

After the Keira Bell ruling, where some of the best judges in the UK analysed over 3000 pages of data about puberty blockers and judged them inappropriate to be prescribed to children under the age of 16, Webberly  immediately saw how she could capitalise on this landmark ruling that sought to provide greater protections to vulnerable children. Webberly often declares her distress and empathy for these vulnerable children but rather than perhaps offering reduced rates, she immediately started a fund whereby well-meaning adults (often the source of the majority of distress in the gender debate) could donate money for vulnerable children to access these drugs. It seems that no matter how irresponsible Webberly is, Taryn is willing to follow her; even to the point of reckless and inaccurate statements such as this one. 

In truth, the first study on the impact of puberty blockers on 55 gender dysphoric kids was published in 2011, the second experiment studies 70 children. Sadly one of the teenagers in the second study actually died as a result of cross-sex surgery. This study is known as the Dutch protocol and is the reason why suddenly clinicians began treating gender dysphoria with puberty blockers.

Up until the Dutch studies, puberty blockers were only prescribed for children with precocious puberty. These were kids who went into puberty at very young ages and blockers stopped their early sexual development. The kids would stop taking the blockers at roughly age 10 and then revert into natural puberty.

In what seems to be some sort of desire to play God with these vulnerable children, the Dutch decided to use this hormone treatment off-licence and give it to children with gender dysphoria so that their natural sexual development would be blocked. Sadly, this medical intervention stops these adolescents’ sexual development and so if their gender nonconformity was related to being gay, lesbian or bisexual (which it often is), then they would never come to realise this. These children move directly from puberty blockers to cross-sex hormones, they go into a simulated puberty and any internalised homophobia or discomfort with their natural sexual development is never confronted. Yes, this is deeply invasive medical treatment for pubescent children. 

In an extraordinarily irresponsible statement, that goes against all media guidelines for the reporting on suicide, Taryn suggested that children who are not affirmed will die.

Taryn describes herself as ‘probably the most colourful woman in Ireland’. Where the health and happiness of children are concerned, she’s definitely one of the most reckless.

If you want to help Keira Bell’s latest fight to protect kids from these interventions, here’s how to do it.