Exciting developments!

  1. You know the way last year’s International Women’s Day was transed into a depressing and infuriating farce? Kellie-Jay Keen is proposing that women stand up to the bullying, coercive ‘All Lives Matter’ sham the day has become by launching a campaign #WomenSeizeTheDay. In other words, International Women’s Day is for WOMEN ONLY and ‘women’ means ADULT HUMAN FEMALE. Please do what you can to raise awareness of the hijacking of the one day that’s supposed to be for women by sharing the hashtag and doing memes and whatnot. Here’s my go at one!

    That’s kind of ok but I’m sure you can do better! Put your work on Instagram and Facebook and don’t forget the hashtag. Cleverest 3 thingies will win a VIP package from Posie’s shop! I don’t know what that is but it sounds pretty sweet!

  2. Extraordinary stuff from the Ministry of Justice judicial review today. The MoJ apparently decided that the single sex exception in the Equality Act doesn't apply to prisons! This leaves it open for male offenders to be housed with some of the most vulnerable women in the UK, (and a huge number of women who didn’t pay the license fee). Yes, this includes men imprisoned for the most serious sexual offences. I’m hoping to have an interview with Kate Coleman very soon, but while you’re waiting, here’s one we did earlier!

  3. Don’t miss Mess We’re on 3rd of March, 4pm where we have TREMENDOUSLY EXCITING NEWS.