Charlotte's Rep

I had occasion to reacquaint myself with 'Charlotte' Clymer today and came across this excellent piece on his shady past. I can’t imagine such a piece could be published now. Clymer is far too powerful, both as a person and as part of that phenomenon where insanely guilty liberals pretend white men are the most oppressed minority on earth, even when their actions don’t appear to fit the profile.

Clymer is an example of what I might start calling ‘central outliers’. These are the people we keep trying to warn everyone about while everyone keeps pretending we've all had mental breakdowns/turned into bigots. These powerful and connected and influential outliers are being given a permanent hall pass because they're "the most oppressed minority on the planet." (Even more so than natal women, dontcha know!)

I don’t buy it, in Clymer’s case. I think Magdalen Berns treated Clymer with the precise amount of respect that was due.

But back to an excellent point made by that excellent piece. “One of the hardest parts of coming to grips with the depth and breadth of the patriarchy is recognizing that there are no exceptions. Maybe you didn’t, personally, do anything wrong, but you were still born into a power structure that gave you unjust rewards. The system — whether it’s the patriarchy or white supremacy or capitalism — does not offer special exemptions for individuals with good intentions…You can’t opt out of the privileges you inherited at birth.”

If you think the patriarchy is something that benefits only rich white men, you don't really understand the concept. The patriarchy is what allows all men to benefit from the subjugation of all women.  And in this sense, gender ideology is an-across-the board level-up for men as a sex class. Because at the same time it fails to challenge the power at the top of society (the Freemasons accept trans people, but only transwomen!), it also rewards the criminal end, and the dregs of the criminal end at that. We know this because a bloke who was just caught accessing child pornography in a woman's hospital ward may yet be sent to a woman's prison.

What do women get out of the same ideology? Double mastectomies and news stories when they give birth. It’s a terrible deal.

However he identifies, Clymer is a member of the most privileged group in society: white men. He may be the loveliest white man in the world, but he's still a white man. And there are at the moment a lot of white men exploiting the goodwill of guilty liberals who are desperate to do the right thing. These ambitious, shameless men are also exploiting an incoherent system of thought that has allowed them to claw their way right back up to the front of the queue, where they think they naturally belong.

As Debbie Hayton has often pointed out: these were the bullies at school even the other bullies hated—the bullies who bullied girls. They don’t have dysphoria, they’re not trans. They’re just straight, white men who fear and resent women. They are the kind of men that women have been suffering since the dawn of humanity.  

And whether Clymer is lovely or not is immaterial, because if you went up to the woman in the photograph above, the only woman in the photograph. the actual woman, and asked her publicly to state her satisfaction with the situation, do you think she is in a position to safely answer that question? Bearing in mind that if you provide the wrong answer, trans activists and their enablers will try to destroy you? 

You can lose your job, as with Maya Forstater; your place in LGBT student groups, as with Magdalen Berns in Edinburgh University; your social circle, as with many of the ordinary women I'm in touch with; your place on the Booker prize, as with Baroness Nicholson; your active fan base, as with JK Rowling,  even your life, as with the Mitchfest festival attendees who were murdered with their son.

As I said to a friend recently, we're supposed to be making it easier for women to say no to men. Even if Clymer is a sweetheart, gender ideology gives both him and the men we're concerned about, the dangerous ones, the creepy ones, the rapey ones, the controlling ones, the entitled ones, the dangerous ones—all of them, in other words—the bargaining equivalent of a loaded gun.

Gender ideology is the patriarchy on steroids, and if we don’t all stand up to it together, we’ll be bending the knee to it forever.