Calling all Twitter orphans!

Twitter and Medium has been waging a war on women for a number of years now, forcing them to refer to misogynists, MRAs, fetishists and grifters using female pronouns, and ejecting anyone who doesn’t play along with their language-destroying, incel-driven, child-endangering terms and conditions. If you are one of these principled women, I would be delighted to host your words on this site until a better option comes along.

Mumsnet, I notice, have tightened their rules recently, and as a result, it’s becoming a little difficult to speak about what’s happening to women on there. I could be wrong. Every other thing I post there gets deleted so maybe it’s just me. But if you can’t name the nature of a particular injustice, you can’t fight it. Pronouns are Rohypnol, and we’re sleepwalking into a state where it becomes routine that people are silenced for refusing to say that 2+2=5. Or that Alex Drumond is a lesbian.

Also, surely Mumsnet have more leverage now that three judges put most of their user base firmly on the right side of history.

There are other options. There is Spinster, and the online communities built by such legends as Kellie-Jay Keen, Jane Clare Jones, Suzanne Moore and others. I believe some clever people are already working on more options. But if you think you’ve written something that fit with our house style, whatever that might be, then let me know. You’d be in sterling company with the likes of JL, Ella Witchwood, Peaky, RIPNutmeg, Victoria Smith and others who refused to lie on the floor to let autogynephilic men walk over them.

So if Twitter shut you down, join our little outpost of free folk!

Vive La Résistance! Send me your shit!