Another bookshop soft-bans Helen Joyce's 'Trans'

From a subscriber: Dubray Books in Dun Laoghaire appears to be censoring Helen Joyce’s book. Shon Faye’s book is being promoted in staff picks, both in the shops and in Dubray’s promotional leaflets. There are also free bookmarks promoting the book at the cash desk. I have gone in twice to find Helen Joyce’s book and both times have been told there “may” be one in the stock room.

The first time I asked why it wasn’t on the shelf, the assistant curled her lip and shrugged her shoulders. The second time (2 days later) I was again told “there may be a copy upstairs” and again a copy was brought down. I said I had changed my mind and waited for see if it that copy would go back on the shelf. I left and went back to the shop an hour later and there was no copy on the shelf. I asked why and was treated in a very hostile and defensive manner but no answer was given. Ordinarily, Dubray promotes Irish writers - especially if the authors are in the best sellers list - and in this case, Helen is from Bray - home of Dubray Books. It seems like there is active censorship going on. I have written asking for an explanation but having tweeted yesterday and got no reply - I’m not holding out much hope.

Previously, Kellie-Jay Keen mentioned her difficulties finding the book in a London branch of Foyles, and in Glasgow, I noticed that Waterstones had hidden it in their ‘gender studies’ section. This soft censorship by blue-haired lunatics working in bookshops is becoming a real problem.

Next time you pass any of these stores, go in and try to find the book. It’s often quite an adventure, leading you to sections you didn’t even know existed. If you can’t find it, complain. You can also write to Dubray books Dun Laoighaire and ask them when local bestselling author Helen Joyce will be signing copies there.