Aimee Challenor and Nathaniel Knight: Some Receipts

How do we know Challenor's husband is a paedophile? Because he told us, again and again

(Research by Jorg C).

Let’s begin with the Mumsnet post dated 16th July 2019 that revealed to a readership of aghast British mums that Aimee Challenor’s future husband was a paedophile.

As soon as the post appeared, Nathaniel deleted his google site, but fortunately, it had already been archived. (I won’t link to it but I have it if any journalists ever decide this is a story they should be following up on).

Nathaniel responded to the accusations not on Mumsnet but on Twitter, 15th July 2019. “I fantasize about children having sex, sometimes with adults, sometimes with other children, sometimes kidnapped and forced into bad situations, sometimes coerced through fantasy mind control.”

After avoiding the issue for as long as he could, and blocking anyone who brought it up, Aimee was eventually forced to comment when two papers (the Coventry Observer and the Sunday Times) picked up the story and approached him.

Here's Aimee's response in the Coventry Observer on 31st October 2019:

“The tweets that were purported to appear on my partner’s account were not his thoughts or opinions. He deleted the tweets as soon as he could. Because they are under investigation, I cannot comment to much on him. I have today been at Coventry central police regarding harassment and malicious communications.”

So, Aimee’s line was: Nathaniel's account was hacked.

Unlikely, because as far back as 2004, when he was 21, Knight was writing on DigiArtistsDomain (as ‘Nate Hunter’) and explaining the origins of his paedophilia.

So not only did Nathaniel admit in tweets on 15th July 2019 that he fantasizes about children, not only are there numerous ‘lemons’ (sex stories) on the Internet where he indulges those fantasies, but on 16th August 2004 he also thought it was wise to write on a public forum about his paedophilia and his interest in the “immature female body”.

Here’s Nathaniel giving his full name and other identifiable information.  

This is Nathaniel’s DaD profile. Nate Hunter is KharonAlpua. SirJasonK is another early alias of Nathaniel and Nathaniel once worked as a waiter.

This is Nathaniel's information given at the bottom of his Lemon's catalogue:

So what is DigiArtistsDomain?

DigiArtistsDomain (DaD) is, “the net’s premier Digi smut community”.

It’s a site based around Digimon Hentai. If you’ve seen Digimon on TV you'll know they’re stories based around children and creatures, and Hentai is a Japanese term for "manga or anime characterised by overtly sexualised characters and sexually explicit images and plots". So, as you’d expect, Digiartistsdomain is loosely a "smut" (porn) website focusing on paedophillia and bestiality around the Digimon characters. If you're on it, it's because you're interested in that.

There’s a similar site called DHZ (Digi Hentai Zone), and Nathaniel’s ‘lemons’ are on there too.

DigiArtistsDomain is divided into “Lemons” (written Digimon porn) and “Gallery” (cartoon Digimon porn images). It has a Message Board and IRC (Internet Relay Chat) where people can engage in group/private communications, etc.

It started out as but later moved to On you can still read most of the posts from Digiartistsdomain because they were carried over. But who knows what went on in the Internet Relay Chat.

The site basically encourages people to aspire to either be writers or artists of Digimon porn. And, because it’s about children and creatures, paedophilia and bestiality are normalised there.

Nathaniel Knight "This [Digital Artists Domain] will always and forever be my first home online." So you can see the site was important to Nathaniel.

These are some examples of thread headings from the DaD message board - these are among the worst. MISTER BIG T is a bit of a sadist.

And this one too. The point of the one below is that Nathaniel posts immediately after it - where he's running his monthly lemon writing contests on the forum. So, Nathaniel can see this stuff on the forum. It's not as if it's tucked away somewhere.

This is Nathaniel on Reddit recommending ‘smut’ by Lord Archive, Mr Red Rover, and Wisemon.

There seem to be some people who stood out for Nathaniel - Lord Archive (Nathaniel's "personal fanfic idol"), Mr Red Rover, and Wisemon. So let's take a quick look at them.

This is Lord Archive writing on DaD.

"I'd never go and fuck a twelve year old in real life, but there's a part of me that wishes I could do that. Rather than bottle up those desires, I let it out on paper."

Here is Wisemon.

"Some pornography is wrong. Anything that's non-consensual, which includes stuff with animals and kids under ten..."

This is MrRedRover giving advice about how to become famous and write ‘lemons’.

"I write stories of young kids having sex with digimon. Some people are going to hate it, they can learn to live with it or crawl up and die..."

Here's Mr Red Rover, on FurAffinity, annoyed that he can't post his lolita pics, because Furaffinity changed their policies to exclude ‘cub-porn’ (images of anthropomorphised animal children).

Nathaniel is a friend of Mr Red Rover on Furaffinity too. Likewise, Nathaniel waded in when SoFurry changed its policy in a similar way.

Below are some of his comments on that thread, as archived on 8th September 2019

When you look at the same thread now, you can see he's taken the time to go back into his past comments and delete these two.

Of all his comments, Nathaniel has deliberately gone back into the thread and removed himself saying, in the context of underage material, that his work "often contains a combination of humans and furries, and sex happens in various combinations of human and furry participants...”

For his illustrations Knight often uses an artist called Kandlin.

Nathaniel is a patron of Kanlin on Patreon. He puts quite a bit of money through Kandlin for illustrations.

When Nathaniel (as KharonAlpua) was suspended from Twitter, he created another alias for himself, Oz Roo (Ozroo4u) - his KharonAlpua Steam account changed names to Oz Roo, and he created another account on FurAffinity. He pretty much stopped using his KharonAlpua account on FurAffinity after cleaning it up and deleting his journals.

Here's Nathaniel (Ozroo4u) bidding $700 for some of Kandlin's art time. He wins. Someone comments, “that’s pretty much a week's pay”.

This is Kandlin's artwork Gallery on DigiArtistsDomain. Paedo-porn. Although, these days - because it's his living - his art is toned down a bit and tends to have disclaimers on it.

Someone writes, "Damn, this is shit is hot. Thank you for making this so that I might masturbate to digimon porn". Somewhat ‘on the nose’ praise but typical of comments from other satisfied customers.

This is Nathaniel himself:

“I do have socially unacceptable sexual fantasies, and one reason that I believe I do not act them out is because I have safe outlets in fiction and fantastical artwork for exploring those fantasies. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe there’s research that letting pedophiles have fictional outlets makes them more likely to abuse kids…”

Nathaniel forms emotional connections with people though, amongst other things, "discussion of sexual topics."

Here's an example of the really inappropriate replies Nathaniel has made to people on Quora. The detail he goes into is incredible.

You can tell Nathaniel is a bit preoccupied with helping kids out, right? Just the level of intimacy he jumps into is really at an appropriate level. Here's him giving advice to someone on their 13-year-old daughter wearing a bra.

This is a picture of Nathaniel's YouTube channel as it was on 12th November 2019 13:37.

Nathaniel had the full list of 20 episodes from the Alice 1985 TV series (bottom left) on his YouTube Channel, but after his tweets went public, he removed them.

When I first looked at Nathaniel, this was a red flag for me. The actress who played Alice in that TV series (you can see her picture) is Natalie Gregory who was born on 20th October 1975. She was 10 years old when she played the part and is the "youngest actress to have ever played the role in a television or sound-film production based on the novel".

Now that playlist has been removed from Nathaniel's Channel.

I don’t know why it was removed but clearly, its presence brings into question Nathaniel drawing a line between "real" children and "fantasy" children on Twitter when he was called out on Mumsnet. Regarding that distinction, is this 10-year-old Alice a "fantasy" child too? Yet you're looking at a "real" child - Natalie Gregory. Likewise, when you're fantasizing about Digimon children they may be drawn and made up but they share the form of "real" children and have the maturity level of "real" children.

When you're sexually fantasizing about Digimon children what are you imagining in your head? Can you hear the voice of a child when you're fantasizing about them?

Not good.

Also, do bear in mind Nathaniel isn't 100% trustworthy.

Firstly, let's establish that Nathaniel Knight doesn't have children. Below it says, "I am not a parent".


Below Nathaniel pretends to have a 13-year-old daughter and a wife in his reply (bottom paragraph) - obviously, this is before he married Aimee:

In another post, he pretends to have a 15-year-old son, and in another, he pretends to be the father of two young teenage children.

This is an example of manipulating someone by lying to them - because they are more likely to accept the advice of someone with direct experience, which he doesn't actually have. He's a man with no kids pretending to have them, to give advice to parents about their kids.

Knight’s "Lemons" (graphic sex stories) list is extensive and in multiple places on the internet.


Yaoi = love between boys

Yuri = love between girls

Lemon = a sex story

Lime = Like a “lemon” but milder, stopping short of full intercourse

This is Nathaniel on DaD trying to set up an online roleplay game, looking for players, with characters aged 12-14. "Though this is not a hentai RPG, I will probably allow such things" With kid characters?

So that’s Nathaniel Knight, husband of Aimee Challenor. To say the least, it is implausible that Challenor did not know about his interests.

Aimee Challenor, who had spoken at Oxford University.

Aimee Challenor, who changed the announcements on the London Underground.

Aimee Challenor, who passed on his completely normal and empowering advice on feminism to audiences of schoolgirls.

Aimee Challenor, who advised Stonewall, which advises companies and institutions all over the UK.

Challenor, who sent the police around to Andy Healy, who got a group with 65,000 feminists removed from Reddit, who had Girlguiding leaders expelled for demanding robust safeguarding, whose father tortured a little girl in the attic of their home.

When people ask “Why are there so many TERFS in the UK?”, you might point them to Challenor, a Zelig figure who also happens to attract paedophiles like Snow White attracted dwarves. An ideology that empowers figures like Aimee is deeply flawed, even dangerous, and ‘TERFs’ knew this before anyone else. A conversation is needed right now.