A Week in the War on Women: Monday 4th January - Sunday 10th January

Monday 4th January - The Terrified Women In Canadian Prisons

Last August we reported on one of the inmates in the Grand Valley women’s prison in Ontario, a trans-identified male called Steve Mehlenbacher (pictured below).

After being sent down for 16 armed robberies, Mehlenbacher began ‘identifying as a woman’ so was moved to a female prison, Grand Valley Institution. There were reports of predatory and intimidating behaviour and it is believed that he was charged with sexually assaulting a female inmate.

The same prison is brought to our attention again because yet another trans identified male is being housed there.

Angela Valentino, who began life as Wayne Bruce Stovka, was arrested two years ago after an armed robbery at a private home. He’s now been moved to GVI. Reports suggest he is using drugs and has physically assaulted at least one of the female prisoners. According to feminist campaigner, Heather Mason, the women at GVI are terrified of Valentino.

The women are scared shitless of this person and CSC lets Angela do whatever they want because of the risk of Human Rights Claims. The women are asking for our help. They want you to know what's going on inside.”

Tuesday 5th January - Erasing Motherhood In Congress

THE DAILY MAIL: Tulsi Gabbard criticises the new rules governing congressional language.

The first act of the new US congress was to vote on language rules which “Honour all gender identities”. Now all congressional language must be ‘gender inclusive’. Consequently, sex-specific terms such as ‘mother’ and ‘daughter’ etc have been eliminated and only gender neutral words, such as ‘parent’ and ‘child’, are allowed.

Former Democratic Congresswoman, Tulsi Gabbard, slammed the new rules. “It's the height of hypocrisy for people who claim to be the champions of rights for women to deny the biological existence of women”.

Writing in the New York Post, Abigail Shrier commented:

Pelosi & Co. are desperate to accommodate an ­aggressive gender ideology that ­insists “man” and “woman” are fuzzy, subjective categories, rather than biological ones… By all means, call people what they prefer. But language in the law, by definition, ushers words into action. Words grant rights or take them away. Words can enhance or diminish status, placing people and concepts beyond the bounds of legal protection…

That’s where we’re headed, isn’t it? Erasing “mothers” and “women,” because the concepts are insufficiently inclusive to gender ideologues. The rights women struggled to win become undone, paradoxically, in the name of ­inclusion.”

Wednesday 6th January - Insurance Funded Double Mastectomies For Kids

DISRN NEWS: Children’s advocates have hit out at new insurance rules which facilitate double mastectomies for healthy young girls in California.

Last week California’s Insurance Commissioner ­issued a directive that insurance companies must meet the cost of mastectomies for girls who ‘identify as male’.

The removal of healthy breasts has been reclassified as ‘constructive’ rather then ‘cosmetic’ and such surgery is deemed necessary to “correct or repair the abnormal structures of the body caused by congenital defects".

You read that correctly. California’s Insurance Commissioner has deemed that the healthy breasts of teenage girls can be ‘Congenital defects’ which require ‘Repair’.

This heinous word-wrangling means that California health insurance providers must cover the costs of mastectomies for female minors who are too young to buy a drink or get a tattoo yet deemed mature enough to decide on irreversible surgery.

Children’s advocates have hit out against this change, warning that it endangers children. Maria Keffler, co-founder of Partners for Ethical Care, commented:

"An unethical, predatory, and despicable attempt to even more viciously abuse children via gender ideology. By circumventing parental consent in order to medicalize children without any minimum age restriction, the California Department of Insurance, whose very letterhead claims to 'Protect, Prevent, and Preserve', does exactly the opposite.

Thursday 7th January - Legal Challenge To Redefinition Of “Woman”

THE SCOTSMAN: A two-day judicial review into the Scottish government’s attempt to redefine the word ‘woman’ began today.

In 2018 the Scottish Government introduced legislation to increase the representation of women on public boards. However, the act’s Statutory Guidance rendered it pointless because the word 'woman' has been redefined to include males.

The definition of 'woman' not only means "anyone born female" as per the UK's Equality Act 2010, it also includes those who 1) have the characteristic of gender reassignment, 2) are proposing to undergo a process or partial process for the purpose of sex reassignment or 3) are “living as a woman” (whatever that means).

Feminist campaign group, For Women Scotland, brought legal action against the Scottish government, stating that it is breaching Westminster’s equality law.

Defence barrister, Ruth Crawford QC, told the court that the 2016 Scotland Act allows the Scottish government to “ride roughshod” over the Equality Act where public boards are concerned.

Why would the Scottish parliament want to re-write equal opportunities legislation to the detriment of women?

Of course, the BBC framed this issue as a ‘trans law case’ rather than an attack on women’s rights and opportunities.

The case continued on Friday with twitter account Obsolesence doing an excellent job of live tweeting the proceedings. Judge Lady Wise retired to consider all the evidence before giving a written opinion. A conclusion to the case is not expected for several months but we’ll keep you posted.

Friday 8th January - Staging The Erasure Of Women’s Spaces

The Bush Theatre in London is advertising an online version of its play, Overflow”, about a trans-identified male using female toilet facilities.

According to the theatre’s website, Overflow is “A hilarious and devastating tour of women’s bathrooms, who is allowed in and who is kept out”.

Hasn't it occurred to The Bush that males, however they identify, are ‘kept out’ of female spaces for a very good reason? Looks like they've never heard of Karen White or Katie Dolatowski or Jessica Winfield or Tara Desousa or Janiah Monroe or Kristen Lukess or Lisa Hauxwell or Laken McKay or Aliea Rose Brown or Paula Witherspoon or Davina Ayrton or Johanna Wolf or Marie Dean

The play was written by professional attention-seeker and self-declared non-binary activist, Travis Alabanza (pictured below).

Alabanza has form in robbing women of their safety and privacy; he forced Topshop to adopt mixed-sex changing rooms after he was refused access to the ladies’ changing area in the Manchester store and subsequently threw a massive temper tantrum.

Perhaps he was in Topshop shopping for his “15 year yt old gal” outfit; a transparent cropped top and devil horns? (For the uninitiated, yt is slang for ‘whitey’.)

Alabanza’s play features actor, Reece Lyons, a trans-identified male. Lyons once entered a poetry competition with a piece called “I am a Woman and I Have a Penis”.

This is the banner photograph Lyons is currently using on his Twitter account.

Can you guess who financed this piece of theatrical propaganda about giving away women’s hard-won spaces to any male who demands access to them? We did.

Saturday 9th January - Fair Play For Women In Press Reporting

Fair Play For Women have submitted a total of six complaints to the independent press regulator, IPSO, about inaccuracies of sex in crime reporting.

FPFW have now published their exchange with IPSO over their most recent complaint regarding a trans-identified male charged with making explosives who was referred to as female in press reporting of the story.

Sex must always be reported accurately when sex is relevant and important to the reader’s understanding of a story. This is particularly important when newspapers report on male-pattern crimes such as violent and sexual assault…

It is in the public interest that news reporting does not distort the public’s understanding that male-pattern crimes are overwhelmingly committed by males and not females. Such misunderstandings have the potential to impact public policy and support for the provision of single-sex spaces for women and girls.” 

IPSO’s chief executive recently announced it will be ‘refreshing’ transgender guidance. Perhaps now would be a good time to get in touch with IPSO to remind them of how important it is for the media to accurately report biological sex.

Sunday 10th January - The Truth Will Out

THE SUNDAY TIMES: The expert evidence given to the High Court in the Keira Bell case last month has finally been released to the press.

Professor Christopher Gillberg is an expert in child and adolescent psychiatry with posts at several universities. In his evidence he commented on the huge increase in children, mostly girls, seeking treatment for gender issues. He explained that children are being encouraged to transition after accessing trans sites online and he commented that autistic teenagers are particularly vulnerable to such influences.

In what he described as “A live experiment on adolescents and children”, Gillberg said that suppressing puberty with hormone blockers can damage a child’s IQ and result in permanent infertility.

Another expert witness, Professor Sophie Scott, director of UCL’s Institute for Cognitive Neuroscience, also warned that puberty blockers could affect brain maturation and told the court that she is “Concerned that the current treatment regime is exposing young people to significant risk of harm”.

THE DAILY MAIL: Also reporting on this story, The Mail quotes another High Court witness, Professor Stephen Levine, a clinical psychiatrist and expert in the treatment of dysphoria. He described puberty blockers as ‘experimental’, and outlined the potential life-long consequences of prescribing them to adolescents; impaired brain development and IQ, lower bone density, infertility and serious cardiovascular risks. He said, “There was no other field of medicine where such radical interventions are offered to children with such a poor evidence base”.

Professor Levine also stated that trans activists prevent clinicians from speaking out. “Critical and cautious voices are shouted down as transphobic, hateful and engaging in conversion therapy. Such a climate has created an intimidating and hostile environment where silence and acquiescence are the inevitable consequence.

Despite all of this expert testimony about the potential life-long harms of puberty blockers, the Tavistock is still seeking to appeal the judge’s decision in this case.

If possible, please help Keira and her team ensure that they don’t.

See you next week.

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