A Week in the War on Women: Monday 13th July - Sunday 19th July


Monday 13th July - Ideological Capture In Force

THE SPECTATOR: Why are the police spending thousands on Stonewall subscriptions?

Watchdog organisation, Fair Cop, made several Freedom of Information requests to see how much public money is being spent on Stonewall membership, rainbow branding and other vital aspects of modern policing in the UK.

The Met and Gwent Police were revealed as two of the biggest spenders; over the last three years The Met has spent £12,000 on subscriptions and donations to Stonewall and over £3,000 on rainbow merchandise for Pride events, while Gwent Police have shelled out almost £15,000 on ‘supporting and promoting LGBT groups and causes’.

Can police forces continue to justify spending money on rainbow epaulettes when they're also warning of "a new era of austerity" and unprecedented budget cuts?

Furthermore, why do they align so closely with Stonewall when The Police College Code of Ethics states that, "Police officers must not take any active part in politics"?

Stonewall is political. Aside from its adherence to gender identity ideology, it lobbies for reform of the Gender Recognition Act and for self ID legislation. It has also pressed for changes to the Equality Act 2010 which, if implemented would undermine women's sex-based rights and spaces.

That's certainly a political act to the 32.8 million women in the UK.

Tuesday 14th July - Let’s Pretend

DERBY TELEGRAPH: A convicted sex offender claims that gender dysphoria triggered his paedophilic behaviour.

64 year old Anthony Scales was found in possession of 1,500 child pornography images. They included 82 images deemed Category A (the most serious) and some depicted girls as young as eight being violently abused.

At his trial, Scales’ legal team tried to claim that his behaviour was caused by his gender dysphoria issues as he “identifies as a woman”. But Judge Nirmal Shant QC wasn’t convinced. Giving Scales a 12-month suspended sentence, he said, “(In my view) your sexual identity was not the cause of you viewing these images”.

Scales is referred to by female pronouns throughout the article in The Derby Telegraph.

Wednesday 15th July - Diagnosed as a Boy at Six Years Old

DAILY MAIL: It took just months for a little girl to be diagnosed with gender dysphoria but she has been waiting for an autism diagnosis for almost three years.

Nine-year-old Dexter displays all the classic signs of autism. However, after two-and-a-half years of being on the waiting list an assessment, she has not yet had a diagnosis. No such delay when Dexter, originally called Talia, was diagnosed with gender dysphoria by the NHS gender identity service [GIDS] when she was just six years old.

Many clinicians, including the Tavistock’s former governor, Dr David Bell, and child psychologist, Dr Kenneth Zucker, have serious concerns about the link between autism and children identifying as trans and many experts believe there is a lamentable lack of research and information in this area.

Meanwhile, vulnerable children like Dexter are being put on a pathway to transition before they're even reached double figures.

Dexter recently told her mother that she may not 'be a boy' after all.

Thursday 16th July - Lib Dem Leader Gives Away Women’s Spaces

Sir Edward Davey is the MP for Kingston and Surbiton. He is the Liberal Democrat’s acting leader and the party’s spokesperson for both Treasury and Social Justice.

On Thursday he appeared on Ian Dale’s LBC programme during which he told the host that he believes “transwomen” who have not undergone surgery - so fully intact males - should have access to women's spaces and be housed in female prisons.

Has he never heard of Karen White, Jessica Winfield, Katie Dolatowski et al or does he just not care about women’s rights and safety?

Friday 17th July - Women & Girls' Charity Denies Female Bodies Exist

THE TELEGRAPH: International charity, ActionAid, has denied the existence of biological sex.

ActionAid is a charity which describes itself as "An international charity that works with women and girls living in poverty".

A woman contacted ActionAid UK, requesting that they stop conflating sex and gender as it is important to recognise the difference when fighting the oppression and violence faced only by biological females. Like female genital mutilation, for example.

This was ActionAid UK’s response:

Yes, you read that correctly. A charity which purports to be for women and girls is claiming "There is no such thing as a biological female/male body".

Here is the excellent Dr Emma Hilton on WHY it is so important to recognise the existence of a biological female body and the consequences of being born in one.

Also Today - The First Casualty of Gender Identity is Truth

THE SPECTATOR: The BBC has failed to accurately report the sex of a convicted paedophile.

John Marshall identifies as a woman and calls himself "Julie". But he’s a man. He’s also a sex offender who possessed over 80,000 pornographic images of children.  He even tried to access child pornography when recovering from a heart attack in hospital.

In a woman’s ward, of course.

In January 2020 he pleaded guilty to three counts of making indecent images and has just been sentenced to nine months imprisonment.

Both the Blackpool Magistrates Court and Lancashire Constabulary recorded Marshall’s sex as male. However, the BBC’s coverage does not mention that. Their headline reads, “Blackpool woman accessed child abuse images” and Marshall is referred to as ‘she’ and ‘her’ throughout the article.

Lancs Live is another news outlet which reports Marshall as being a woman and uses female pronouns for him.

As James Kirkup writes, “The trans issue is delicate and complicated, coming to the fore in an age of hair-trigger offence… But journalists must always be free to upset and offend. In the end, telling the truth is more important than being nice.

Saturday 18th July - The BBC Has Stopped Believing in Mermaids

WOMEN ARE HUMAN: The BBC has removed Mermaids’ details from its advice website.

Until just a few weeks ago the BBC website had a page called “Information and Advice: Gender Identity” which referred users to The Gender Trust, GIRES and controversial charity, Mermaids. That page has been removed and now a page called “Information and Advice: LGBT Issues” directs users to the NHS website for guidance on gender identity.

If you are unfamiliar with Mermaids’ work:

  • Mermaids recommended and referred patients to the disgraced doctor, Helen Webberley, who was found guilty of operating an unregistered clinic and illegally prescribing cross-sex hormones to children as young as twelve.

The BBC offered no explanation for removing the charity’s details from its website.

Sunday 19th July - Green Party Politicians Are Biological Sex Deniers

At a hustings event on Sunday, some of the Green Party deputy leadership candidates were asked a very simple question: “What is a woman?”

Replies varied.

Nick Humberstone: “I don’t think we’re going to get any good solution on this issue if we’re trying to define a word because people have different interpretations.

Tom Pashby: “I don’t think we should be getting into political debate about the specifics of what it is to be a woman.

Amelia Womack: “I don’t think we can talk about this in binary choices - it’s more complex than that.

Cleo Lake: “Being a woman is an attitude.

Only Andrea Carey Fuller had the courage to stand up for her sex. Best of luck to her.

See you next week.