Take a bow, everyone

(thanks to Mole and Arthur Pound for the photoshop work!)

Have a look at this.

(We fixed the headline for you, Reuters, no need to thank us.)

Every single last one of you who donated to these cases, take a bow.

Dozens of Scopes Monkey trials, reason vs religion, playing out over and over again, and we’re winning every time. Keira Bell proved us right on children’s health, Harry Miller proved us right on freedom of speech and thought, Kate Scottow is the latest to humiliate the fragrant Stephanie Hayden, who is losing case after case after case like a reverse-Rumpole…the dominos are falling. Even America seems to be waking up.

(Actually, we did this one in photoshop too. Although if The New Yorker was doing its job it would be putting out cartoons like this one.)

I was delighted to see not only this evisceration of the recent absurd piece in the Atlantic, but also the youth of the two women doing the eviscerating. They won’t be as easy to fool as the current generation of celebrity collaborators and feelgood-faux--feminists.

Put Karen Davis on TV with a fully-intact crossdresser or the clueless celebrities working interference for fully intact crossdressers, and try saying ‘transwomen are women’ to her face. Let Kirsty Wark try calling her a ‘cis-woman’. It would be over the next day.

Of course, the gender identity movement’s key tactic is ‘NO DEBATE’, which ensures that the preceding scenario never happens. Again, this is a movement that advances its aims by stealth, and when they tip their hand too early, the result is the resistance movement that has formed in the UK— the one winning all these battles where it matters, in court.

The wonderful truth is that it’s already over. It was over the moment three judges agreed that no more children should go through what Keira Bell has gone through. MRA trolls like the desperate homophobe and misogynist, David Paisley, and the failed comedian who gets smaller and smaller with each insane tweet, are like the Japanese soldiers found on Pacific islands decades after the war ended. Who knows when the news will get to them.

So take a bow. It was all you. Women and men but mainly women. Women who refused to say no, women who refused to submit, women who put their hands in their pockets and allowed other women to have their day in court.

Bravo! Bravo!