These captcha tests are getting really hard

Fully annotated!

You can find Moley’s original here.

From top to bottom and left to right…(in the following, TiM stands for ‘Trans-identified male’.)

  1. Eddie Izzard, TiM, comedian, possibly a lesbian if that works.

  2. Kathryn Bristow, TiM, Co-Chair of Green Party Women, ‘pathway advisor’ for Gender GP.

  3. Emilia Decaudin - TiM, a bloke who stole a seat on the NY Dems state Democratic Committee that had gone to women for over 100 years.

  4. Monroe Bergdorf, TiM, told women not to ‘centre their biology” at the women’s march.

  5. Grace Lavery, TiM, academic, author of ‘Oops I did a whoopsie’, wants to destroy books about a certain medical scandal.

  6. Phillip/Pippa ‘The Best of Both Worlds’ Bunce - TiM. Proud father, mother, husband and wife

  7. Caitlyn ‘Stop throwing your weight around’ Jenner - TiM. Nothing to do with ‘Bruce Jenner’ who killed that lady and was never seen again.

  8. Margaret Atwood - Female author. From ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ to handmaiden. Thinks the TiMs in this list are women because there are gay penguins .

  9. Aimee Challenor - was at the heart of UK’s Stonewall for years, now at the heart of Reddit. Bad news for women and children.

  10. Heather Peto- identifies as various ages, political wannabe and wholly unsuccessful electioneer

  11. Elliot Page - a woman. Taught young lesbians how to not be themselves.

  12. Morgane Oger - TiM,  targets rape crisis centres that won’t admit men

  13. Veronica Ivy/Rachel McKinnon, TiM for whom the jig is up, at least as far as his University is concerned. Sadly, he continues to compete against natal women.

  14. Magdalen Berns - woman. Lesbian warrior, never apologised, never backed down, died young but will live forever.  

  15. Jeffrey Marsh - Male. Self-important drag artist and gender priest. Impossible to recognise while not talking.

  16. Jessica Yaniv - TiM, The Waxstruator