The Science of Grooming

Ideological capture at the Science Museum

I do find it a bit frightening how all this is happening in plain sight, especially in the UK, a country that experienced both Rotherham and Saville.

I’ve got this email just a few minutes ago.

Dear Graham

Don’t know if I can contact you this way, but anyway, I saw some strange things on a trip to the science museum yesterday.

About half the visitors are children (my estimate).

There is a display on human sexuality – see attached photos.

One piece of text says scientists find “sex” and “gender” hard to define.   I don’t think “sex” at least is hard to define, and this came across to me as TRA propaganda rather than a view from a scientist.

There is a strange animation featuring a whirling chair with a nude open-legged figure displaying genitals that as the chair turns are sometimes male, sometimes female. Why is this in a science museum?

Then we have a weird animation of two sets of thrusting legs, where from looking at the bulges in the pants, we are to think that one set is adult male. Why is the science museum inviting children to inspect the bulges in men’s pants?

Third here – a display of what a transman wears under his clothes, including a “packer”.  It’s a large pink dildo or artificial penis.  I didn’t know what this word meant but found it on a fetish site.  So children coming into the science museum are being shown a large pink dildo. Why?

This display did not seem very scientific to me and I wonder who was advising – I suspect influence of maybe Stonewall.   I looked through its list of “diversity champions” – I found the V&A and Museum of London. I wonder if they used to be connected with the Science Museum when this rather unscientific display was made.

best wishes,


Anyway, I don’t have much to add.

Just another day in hell.