The more things change

Below is the team currently arguing in a Scottish court that the word ‘women’ should be broadened to include some men. A small change that will undo many of the gains of the Suffragettes; say goodbye to single-sex provisions, say goodbye to fairness in sports, say goodbye to safety for female prisoners….

If you’re arguing for the return of the urinary leash, then you’re not on the right side of anything. If these women win, all women lose.

If you want to help Scottish feminists, on the other hand, you can donate here.

This is what JustRight Scotland are fighting for

Well, who could have seen this coming? How about every feminist currently being called names by shitheads like Owen Jones?

Who goes to Hitler for a quote?

Surely someone else said something similar? It’s like someone saying “As Hitler pointed out, a stitch in time saves nine.”

A woman to look out for: Rosie Duffield

Hearing credible rumours that the woke Stasi within Labour are again about to start pushing to remove the whip from Rosie. Follow her on Twitter and keep your eyes open! They tend to get shy when they reach a wider audience than their intended one.

You bet they’re hiding replies

Click through for some incredible indoctrination.

Wear an item of clothing that signifies your authentic self. Clothing and jewellery be a great way of representing who you are. It can be as wild as leopard-print stilettos or as subtle as a necklace….Watch tutorials on YouTube. This is a great time to develop new skills whether that be learning how to do make-up and contouring to learning how to play your favourite song on the guitar.

…and of course they’re hiding replies.

It’s official, Donald Trump is as evil and me and Meghan Murphy

Just in time! After four years of threatening violence against his enemies and stirring up crazy people, Twitter pulls the trigger. What did he do, misgender someone?

Gender Identity Ideology is Qanon for Leftists

Gender identity ideology is the Qanon of the Left, but in this case ‘Q’ is a mysterious doctor who has discovered a third sex but never actually took the trouble to name it or publicise the discovery.

Another kid taking on Stonewall!

I thought it was a story about the same kid! Brilliant news!

My friend writes

“Loving the contortions and hand-wringing in the talk page on Izzard's page in Wikipedia over which pronouns to use in an article - that he will probably never read - so that he will not be offended by how someone else refers to him if he did... This is one of the latest: "The article is now pretty disastrous. Needless and stylistically painful avoidance of pronouns in one sentence followed by mixing of plural and singular "their" in the next, with a pinch of misgendering to complete the whole package. There's no reason at all to do this. The version using all "she/her" pronouns was fine (maybe if you want to use he/him if context-relevant), and Eddie herself has said consistently and repeatedly that she's happy with that.”

It doesn’t matter if he’s happy with that. He’s a fucking bloke!

And finally…