The Chris Chan story shows the moral vacuum at the heart of trans ideology

A few days ago we reported that one of the most documented people on the internet, Chris Chan, a deeply disturbed individual with a long history of predatory behaviour towards women, and who, according to his own words, transitioned so he could have sex with lesbians, had been served with an emergency protective order for allegedly raping his 79-year-old, dementia-suffering mother.

As Blaire White points out, many trans activists expressed their disgust on Twitter - not with the alleged crime but with the fact that some people have referred to Chan as ‘he’. Yesterday a Spanish feminist received a permanent suspension from Twitter for using male pronouns for him.

Chan has now been arrested on one count of incest and, despite him being a fully intact biological male charged with raping his mother, his custody record states that he is ‘female’.

According to various reports, this means he will be jailed in a women’s prison.

Unsurprisingly, given Chan’s fame and the nature of the charge, this story has been all over the media - although it’s so far failed to be covered by the BBC, despite its keen interest in stories about transgender people.

One publication that has covered it is Metro, which includes a history of Chan's extreme behaviour - but it doesn't mention that Chan is male or transgender, and even refers to the incident as a 'sexual relationship with her mother'.

Not content with pinning this appalling male crime on women, the online stormtroopers of gender ideology are also claiming the whole thing could have been avoided if it wasn’t for lesbians being so damn picky. The satirical account Trans History Month said “None of this would have happened if the lesbian community validated Christine’s gender identity. We’ve mentioned this before but it’s almost impossible for a trans lesbian to find dates. Maybe Christie wouldn’t have had to vent her sexual energies on her unfortunate mother if lesbians weren’t such bigots and more willing to date her.”

Satire it may be, but it perfectly captures the current line of thinking at Stonewall, and institutions all over the UK that have been groomed by that organisation.

Rcecently, it has emerged NHS trusts included instructions that male sex offenders who self-identify as women can be placed on female-only wards.

Baroness Nicholson wrote: “In their haste to assert the primacy of 'Self-Identification' — in which a person can legally declare their own gender regardless of their biology — NHS chiefs have knowingly distorted the equality laws that Parliament has passed and the Queen herself has signed.

And it is women who are paying the price. As a woman who has spent a great deal of her adult career campaigning for the rights of women and children, I approached colleagues to form an all-party campaign group to collect evidence from patients and medics on the impact of the deviation from single-sex spaces.

The examples we have received are legion. 

In hundreds of emails and hours of personal testimony, we have heard cases ranging from dementia patients distressed at waking up next to someone who, in their mind, looks like a man, to reports of a rape on a psychiatric unit undertaken by a biological male who identified as a woman.”

The Chris Chan story is grotesque and cruel and sad. It is a story of a deeply disturbed and lonely man whose delusions are still being spoon-fed to him by a complicit media class that has utterly lost its way.

Combine it with the knowledge that women are not safe from men like Chan even after his arrest, it takes on another level of horror. Our captured institutions—The NHS, the prison service, the judiciary—are guilty of bringing about a nightmare world for women. It is a vision of hell, but when we blink and rub our eyes, it persists.

If you’re female and you want to know the state of your rights in 2021, imagine a world where no matter what you do, no matter where you are, you will never be safe from men like Chris Chan.