Stonewall Legal Ethics

Nonexistent, just like Stonewall law

Here’s an odd thing. Allison Bailey, the lesbian barrister who is suing Stonewall after they tried to get her fired from her chambers, was tweeting about Transgender Trend’s important work when someone unexpected hopped into her mentions.

They went back and forth for a while before Allison removed herself from the conversation. At one point Allison asked Robin to have a think about the ethics of entering her timeline.

What did Allison mean by this? Well, Robin Moira White is counsel for Stonewall in Allison’s case.

White supposedly has a book out on ‘trans law’ but could not give a single example of where the Transgender Trend/Sex Matters guidance is wrong. But that aside, isn’t it weirdly unprofessional for a barrister working on a case to engage in a public exchange with the person bringing the case?

Would a female barrister get away with this behaviour? I guess Stonewall Law, which isn’t really the law, comes with its own set of ethics, which aren’t really ethics.