Rosie Duffield just can't stop 'asking for it'

Woman receives rape and death threats…

…and is told to ‘reflect’ on how she brought it all upon herself.

Of course, Rosie did all this by calling trans people ‘crossdressers’, which is IN THE STONEWALL DEFINITION OF ‘TRANS’. Angela, maybe reflect on how easy you find it to stab a female colleague in the back?

Get it watched: The Social Dilemma

The fictional bits are a bit Reefer Madness but the interviews are properly chilling.

It’s everyone’s favourite part of the site!

The fucking cheek of it! “Make misogyny history” from the organisation that has not said a single word against the rape and death threats women routinely face for standing up for their rights.

Luckily, quote tweets have taken over from the ratio as the ‘bollocks’ metric.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on Helen Staniland

Of course, I mean a watchful, protective eye, because she’s a real target at the moment and it’s always nice to show the bullies they’re outnumbered.

Thank you, Jo Glanville

Judy Dench going on Twitter was a mistake

Oy! What a mess!

Women. Saying things like ‘blood tampons’ since 2019

And finally…

This is ancient but still magically funny.