I'm a celebrity, get these kids transed.

When I was on twitter, I tried not to delete tweets because if I did something wrong, I wanted to own it. In fact, the only time I tended to delete tweets was when Twitter forced me to. Twitter being the Silicon Valley epicentre of grooming, they don‘t like it when you point out all the grooming.

(A quick example. Unless you’ve been following this stuff closely, you’re probably not aware of this story. Grooming involves not only feeding false information to the target, but withholding information that is true.)

Just a few weeks before I was suspended, I told a friend that my account was constantly being locked down because of the mass-reporting from the usual coalition of clueless celebrities like Jameela Jamil, their equally clueless ‘be nice’ fans and a shit-ton of MRAs with ‘she/her’ in their bios.

“Download your archive” he said. “Quickly.”

So I did, and I have it on my desktop. I have no idea what to do with it. I’d like to put it online somehow but I don’t know if it’ll include direct messages. Suggestions welcome!

My point is, it’s there. But for some strange reason, Jameela suddenly decides that it’s time to erase all evidence of her support for Mermaids and tweets like this one, sent to JK Rowling.

Here’s another one I'm glad I got before it disappeared down the memory hole. It's Josie Long supporting a harassment campaign against me that raised £350,000 for Mermaids, that deeply disturbing charity of deeply disturbed parents and their poor kids, that has suddenly disappeared from the BBC website.

The manner Josie and Jameela signalled their virtue has been destructive both to children, especially young girls, and those women and men who sought to protect them. Both these celebrities, and many more besides, cast those who had done the research as bigots while electing to do none themselves.

Now, they are left with a bad hand they dealt themselves. Only today, Mermaids updated their advice on puberty blockers while attempting to pass the blame to the NHS

I also think Long and Jamil knew very well what happens to women who don’t respond positively to polite requests like Rikard’s. That’s the thing that jumps out at me about the above exchange; the politeness. These men tend to be polite to women who do what they’re asked to do.

When women say no? Not so much.


When I say MRAs with she/her in their bio, I’m not exaggerating.

Adorable Georgie here is a man, displaying male-pattern behaviour. If a woman pointed that out on Twitter, she would be reported and thrown off the site.

It is an abusive, grooming platform run by abusive men.


The LGB Alliance is run by two lesbians, veterans of the fight for civil rights for LGB people in the UK. They have been shouting at the top of their voices about what young lesbians have been facing because of gender ideology and for this, they were defamed as a hate group by none other than ALL the female Labour leadership candidates.

Just as with Jameela Jamil’s disappearing Mermaids tweets, never let them forget. They have acted disgracefully.

Tomorrow, I’m going to start posting testimonies from women who have lost friends and even family for standing up to the people who said puberty blockers were reversible and Mermaids were a reputable charity. Jamil, Long and many, many more need to face up to what they’ve been complicit in.

I don’t think I’ll ever get over the fact that Rosie Duffield had to apologise before they did.