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Aiden’s war against successful comedians continues

Failed comedian Aiden Comerford (who weirdly spells his own name wrong here) thinks he can lecture John Cleese.

Sorry on behalf of the Irish, John. When you see Aiden’s act, and HIS jokes about trans people, you’ll see why he’s so bitter.

Messed up the settings on this piece by JL

Didn’t email this to everyone and I don’t want you to miss it. JL on the disappearing article in Psychology Today.

We’ll fight it to our dying breaths

On Amnesty’s disgraceful letter

And here’s what Irish women are suffering under Self ID

Twitter still hates women

They took out @intersexfacts. Here’s the petition to get her back.

And this is what she was banned for. Saying “Yeah, it did dude” in a thread containing dozens of people.

Here are some incels, furries and handmaidens celebrating the removal (mostly dudes).

“I just opened a good box of Magic the Gathering Cards’. No shit.

Speaking of Magic The Gathering

This prank remains one of the best things that has ever happened.

Helen Belcher unironically tweeted this

Just look at the amount of blue ticks

And finally…

John Cleese’s brilliant speech on creativity. 26.02 nails the problem with people like Aiden.