It's that time of the day again

Section 28 had nothing on 2020.

Another gay man silenced. They got Professional Judy.

My plan worked! Free portraiture!

Love it, Birdy!

Wow! In the first one, you have a t-shirt on, and in the second one you’re wearing a dress!

The funniest thing is the woman in replies asking him if he always looked so sad ’pre-transition’.

Did we die? Is this hell?

Portraits in courage

No, Louis, the actual consequence is that women will continue to lose their livelihoods for standing up for their rights. Holier-than-thou fence-sitters pretending it’s complicated to get out of addressing it can fuck off, frankly.

Look, here’s the problem. One side is being told by very irresponsible and dodgy people that JK Rowling hates them and wants them to die. You could AT LEAST stand up for her, couldn’t you? Or do you think that sort of rhetoric actually helps vulnerable kids?

Getting into these light-hearted rascals again

Three responses to Stonewall’s disgraceful statements on Caster Semenya

And finally…