Introducing: The War on Women Substack

There are now so many attacks on women’s rights on so many fronts that I’m just not able to cover it all in my updates, and like everyone in this fight, I feel bad when I’m not doing everything I can for La Résistance. So I’m setting up a separate newsletter to focus on actions everyone can take to fight back.

Some examples:

America rushing through the vote on the Equality act, without debate.

And the feminist response.

The actual police promoting the destruction of women’s sports

…and then actually threatening anyone who objects.

The upcoming action Fair Cop are taking against this nonsense.

The heartbreaking and disgraceful situation with RISE.

And the fundraiser to help them.

I’ll also be publishing women who have been banned from Twitter, Medium and other social networking sites for fighting for their rights.

This stuff just floods in all the time and I just can’t keep up with it. I also feel perpetually guilty about spamming you with emails. So watch out for The War on Women newsletter. It’ll be free as always, but I might charge a nominal fee to comment as that tends to keep MRA trolls away. And if you don’t want to sign up for another substack, don’t worry, I will of course be linking to it from here too.