In shock twist, Ofcom's CEO says the BBC is transphobic

The more it panders to TRAs, the more they demand

You might have thought the BBC’s output on trans issues has been a tad biased of late, what with its gender identity correspondent revealing that 1.7% of people are intersex…

…only for the BBC to admit, in a temporary audio, that this figure was actually about 100 times out. (The permanent video remains without any correction).

…or a Radio 4 producer boasting last year that he ensured only a transwoman was given a voice in a debate about men in women’s spaces.

…or the BBC last month having a child, who was dressed up like a sexualised parody of a woman, to talk to an adult entertainer as part of a children’s ‘lesson’ about identity, brilliantly analysed by Kellie-Jay Keen.

…or this month broadcasting a piece of gaslighting propaganda about a woman who demands her children now call her ‘dad’, which Kellie-Jay does an even better job of handling.

…or just its daily assault on our sanity

But according to SNP MP John Nicholson, the BBC is actually not doing ENOUGH women-hating, child-endangering propaganda.

There’s nothing to see here. It’s just an obviously lying politician calling the LGB Alliance a hate group, and saying they shouldn’t be on the BBC, with the CEO of Ofcom completely agreeing, and both saying there’s too much transphobia in the media, without either bothering to explain what they think transphobia is.

This year can’t end soon enough.