I got the March cover of Tilter!

Even this fat fuck knows an open goal when he sees one

Congrats, Democrats. Another one-termer Presidency coming up.Have you listened to the DeeDee interview yet?

Jesus! Will it even MAKE one term?

Penny, how are male people female?

Great thread on Penny beclowning herself yesterday.

Have you listened to the DeeDee interview yet?

One of the more poisonous pronoun wankers tweeted this, but forgot to include the link to the podcast. Deedee is phenomenonal and I’m not surprised she’s annoying these unhappy lunatics.

Like when Stonewall tried to strongarm an employer into firing a black lesbian? That kind of 'rising hate'?

This is the ‘medical pathway’ we keep warning about

Oh, God, yes, it’s like the artistic flu

From meme to life

People were making funny memes along these lines…

…and then it actually happened for real.

“Always tell the truth, it’s easier to remember.”


Gender ideology is the yacht of problems

Have you seen Karen’s documentary, by the way? Excellent for peaking friends and family!

Chase very strangio

Chase here outraged that not all women are self-hating misogynists.

Employers should ask themselves, who is the ‘Chase Strangio’ in MY organisation?

Amazing hypocrisy

And finally