How Metro lies to its readers

Recently the Metro published a hit piece on me, dishonestly characterising my joining the dating app Her as an ‘anti-trans’ stunt. Of course, I did it to expose the fashionable homophobia of straight men invading lesbian spaces while claiming a lesbian identity. They could have found this out by contacting me for a comment. Instead, they merely stated they had contacted me, while not contacting me.

After people started calling them out on their dishonesty, Metro took the extremely ethical step of shutting down the comments section on the post, which remains up. Here are some of the comments they didn’t want their readers seeing.

If you would like to complain to Metro about their dishonesty, you can do it here. I’ve already written to IPSO and I’m considering my legal options as I have not yet received the apology and retraction I asked for by the end of the week.

Sorry to bang on about it, but this stuff has real-world consequences and I’m not letting it go.