Her gets even more inclusive

The Irish Resistance hits the Spectator

And the Spectator hits Amnesty. Hard.

Feeling powerless? Fight back

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It also publishes women who have been thrown off social media, like this excellent piece on women’s sport from the much-missed Ella Witchwood.

C’mon, the Dads

Here’s an idea. Put them in jail

Today’s Telegraph cover on Gender GP.

“Instead they are directed to a doctor in Egypt, who told the reporter that it was “excellent” that, aged 15, she knew she never wanted to have children.”

Here’s an idea. Put these people in jail.

Taryn DeVere, Kathryn Bristow, The Webberlys, Susie Green… Give them some hard time before they destroy more lives.

GenderGP still has this page up, saying that puberty blockers are ‘fully reversible’

Put them in fucking jail.

Ask Ted Talks Londonderry why they let a drug pusher address their audience.

Ask the Green Party why a drug pusher is the co-chair of Green Party women.

Why do these people have these platforms?

Colm O’Gorman, more than anyone, embodies Amnesty’s decline

He’s not jailworthy, but my god if there’s anyone less deserving of a six-figure sum for defending human rights, it’s ‘people person’, Colm O’Gorman.

Check out this dipshit

This dude who has started a few dozen accountssupposedly


Beautiful work by Birdy here

Oh, my God

Another trans-identified male turns out to be a paedophile




The author of ‘Assigned Male’ is also an elementary school teacher.

But here’s an interesting thing about the affair. For once, the usual trans teflon didn’t apply and he was called out by many ‘trans allies’ (they’re still conditioned to insult women by calling him ‘she’, but one step at a time, I guess) .

This is grooming

Seriously. Put them in jail.

What a shock!

The women who want to roll back rights the fucking Suffragettes fought for also enjoy calling other women old.

And finally…

A much-needed unicorn chaser. The most feel-good thirteen seconds on the Internet.